'I' Surnames

SurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Maiden NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
IbbotsonHarry, LtCol  28 Sep 191318 Mar 2000Greenwood Cemetery  
IckeAngela MaryKing16 Mar 190513 Oct 1987Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeArthur Arnold  12 Sep 19101 Sep 1988Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeConrad George  26 May 190111 May 1993Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeEllen D.Gardner1 Apr 187822 Mar 1959St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
IckeFlorence AmaliaWilke22 Jul 19312 Feb 1992Wilke Family Cemetery   
IckeFlorence S.Klein12 Jun 191325 Feb 1961Der Stadt Friedhof  
IckeHarry Louis Frederick  29 Jun 19159 May 1979Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeHildegard A.Probst7 Aug 191713 Mar 2006Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeLee Roy Oswald "Leroy"  6 Nov 191912 Apr 1966Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeLouis Henry Frederick 31 Jul 185915 Jun 1920St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
IckeMargaret LouiseWindlinger4 Jul 191419 Jan 2003Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IckeRalph Werner 22 Aug 193713 Sep 2001Wilke Family Cemetery   
IckeRickey Dean 12 Jul 19606 Mar 2004Wilke Family Cemetery  
IckeWalter M. 12 May 18972 Sep 1924St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
IckeWerner Max 26 Oct 190625 Nov 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
IglerEdward J. 19 Jun 192516 Jan 2007Greenwood Cemetery 
IglerJeanette G.Ferkau16 Nov 19293 Mar 1992Greenwood Cemetery  
ImhofKarolina Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffArthur 24 May 190613 Oct 1976Gillespie County Cemetery
ImhoffHenriette 9 Apr 183530 Mar 1909Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffHenry 3 Jan 186728 Sep 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffJohann Peter "John"  10 Feb 182811 Oct 1909Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelAlbert 13 Jul 188322 Jul 1943Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelAugust 28 Oct 18647 Jan 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
ImmelCharlotte L.McIntyre28 Aug 192729 Jan 1988Trinity Lutheran   
ImmelChristine A. 24 Dec 190129 Jun 1988Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelClemens Edward 5 Mar 191523 Apr 1976St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
ImmelEdwin  6 Jul 188921 Oct 1956Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelElton Erwin  16 Apr 192515 Apr 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
ImmelFloyd Leroy, Sr. 26 Sep 193618 Aug 1996Greenwood Cemetery  
ImmelHenry 10 Sep 186825 Aug 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelHenry Louis  12 Apr 19178 Feb 1969Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
ImmelHerbert  1 Aug 192826 Aug 2004Trinity Lutheran   
ImmelHuldaGrobe9 Feb 18832 Mar 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelHuldaMeier31 Dec 189715 Sep 1991Trinity Lutheran   
ImmelIdaLindig29 Jan 18793 Aug 1962Der Stadt Friedhof 
ImmelJohann Wilhelm "John"  8 Nov 183616 Feb 1911Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelLester William 20 Apr 193024 Jan 1994Der Stadt Friedhof   
ImmelLouis 18 Jun 18757 Aug 1906Stonewall Community Cemetery 
ImmelLydiaMerz2 Oct 187611 Apr 1945Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelMathilde, Mrs.Fiedler22 Sep 18956 Jun 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelMilton W. 31 Jul 191321 Sep 1931Der Stadt Friedhof 
ImmelPaula Der Stadt Friedhof 
ImmelPaulineFlick15 Jul 18446 Aug 1924Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelRichard Henry  28 Nov 189410 Feb 1963Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelRoy Cecil  29 May 192525 Feb 2009Not stated / Unknown 
ImmelThomas August 4 Aug 190725 Apr 1995Der Stadt Friedhof   
ImmelWilhelmineLindig11 Dec 186725 Jan 1951Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelWilliam  24 Sep 186623 Feb 1921Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelWyonaEvans18 Oct 191322 May 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
IngeBob Maynard "Bobby"  26 Oct 193227 Jan 2010Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
IngelsElsaMuranyi22 Sep 191612 Apr 2002Der Stadt Friedhof 
IngelsJesse Franklin 15 Sep 19079 Feb 1981Der Stadt Friedhof  
IngramJosephineKlier25 Mar 192927 Nov 2010Der Stadt Friedhof
IngramSamuel Houston 22 Oct 186828 May 1913Harper Community Cemetery 
InmanMarion 4 Mar 194725 Jun 2012Willow City 
InmanNancy JaneGold26 Aug 194913 Sep 2014Willow City 
InnesWinnie M.  27 Jul 191716 Dec 1987Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
InscoreAdolf V. 27 Feb 189726 Jul 1926Harper Community Cemetery 
InscoreElizabeth MirandaHagemier28 Jun 186717 Jan 1953Harper Community Cemetery 
InscoreFreddie V. 20 Oct 192527 Jan 1946Harper Community Cemetery 
InscoreRichard D. 14 Sep 186918 May 1945Harper Community Cemetery 
IrelanCecil Ray 3 Dec 19026 Nov 1951Der Stadt Friedhof  
IrelanTheresa KelsoValverde27 Feb 190520 Oct 1988Der Stadt Friedhof  
IsbelVernon Junior, Jr.  22 Jun 193226 May 1996Eckert Community Cemetery   
IsbellMargret 10 Jun 183410 Oct 1884Squaw Creek Cemetery  
IsenbergCecil Rollins Cavil "Mike" 12 Oct 192824 Nov 1990Der Stadt Friedhof   
IsleibAlma HattieGerke15 Feb 191524 Jul 2016Greenwood Cemetery 
IsleibGeorge W., Sr. 5 Mar 191322 Oct 2001Greenwood Cemetery  
ItriGary Wayne 9 Feb 195012 Jan 2014St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
ItriHenry John  30 May 192228 Dec 2000St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum   
ItriMarieWilliamson28 Oct 192617 Mar 2017St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum 
Itz(girl) stillborn1 Apr 1909Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzAlfred 15 Jun 188630 Mar 1934Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzAnnaWelgehausen18 Jul 186414 Feb 1928St. Peter Lutheran Church  
ItzAnna AmaliaWilke4 Mar 190517 Jun 1970Trinity Lutheran  
ItzArthur  14 Aug 189526 May 1960Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzAugust 23 Sep 187826 Jun 1958Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzAugust Carl "Carl" 14 Oct 192416 Oct 1924Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzAugustaKramer14 Aug 188120 Jan 1956Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzBenno  10 Nov 189515 Nov 1982St. Peter Lutheran Church   
ItzBessie LinaBernhard24 Jan 191323 Mar 1989Harper Community Cemetery  
ItzCarolyn KayMunn31 Dec 19374 Jan 1987Trinity Lutheran   
ItzCelestineSchlaudt18 Nov 18818 Apr 1971Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzChester 25 Jan 19079 Nov 1989Harper Community Cemetery  
ItzClaraSagebiel22 Apr 18911 Jun 1971Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzDavid Dean 26 May 195726 May 1957St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ItzDiana 13 Nov 19548 May 1957Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzDiana Winifred 13 Nov 19548 May 1957St. Peter Lutheran Church  
ItzEdgar Adolph 22 Nov 19155 May 1998St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ItzEdna 14 Feb 19054 May 1907Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzEdward C. W. 22 Dec 191116 Oct 1991Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzEdwin 1 Apr 190021 May 1980Trinity Lutheran  
ItzElgin 6 Oct 190722 Jun 1967Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzEliseLange24 Aug 192725 Feb 2013Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
ItzElizabeth MaryBecker20 Mar 191318 Jan 1990St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ItzElmer Arthur  1 Dec 19203 Apr 1967Greenwood Cemetery 
ItzElnaDurst4 Aug 19017 May 1983Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzElsaDurst10 Apr 18963 Oct 1958Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzElsieGeistweidt13 Feb 190216 Oct 1994St. Peter Lutheran Church   
ItzEmil 10 Feb 188923 May 1960Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzEmmaLehne10 May 18802 Oct 1943Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzEmma Alma BerthaEckert20 Jun 191211 Apr 2006Greenwood Cemetery 
ItzErna Bertha AlvinaKlaehn8 May 19012 Dec 1989St. Peter Lutheran Church   
ItzErnest W. 11 Sep 190322 Nov 1944Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzErwin 7 Apr 189921 Dec 1963Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzFelix 5 Mar 189028 Feb 1992Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzFrederich A. "Fred" 26 Mar 191421 Jul 2003St. Peter Lutheran Church  
ItzHarold 11 Mar 192911 Feb 1931Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzHeinrich 1844Feb 1863Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzHeinrich "Henry" 15 Jun 18693 Jul 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzHenrietteEvers12 Mar 183926 Sep 1923Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzHermann Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzIdaOehler21 Apr 188320 Mar 1976Harper Community Cemetery 
ItzIrene EmeliaKoenig8 May 193118 May 2006St. Peter Lutheran Church 
ItzJakob "Jack"  17 May 1829Feb 1863Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzJerry Lester  6 Oct 195320 Nov 2017Cremated 
ItzKarl "Charles", Jr. 27 Mar 186410 Jan 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzKatherina Margarethe "Katie"Reichenau29 Aug 188414 Sep 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzKurt Louis  18 May 191515 Feb 1974Greenwood Cemetery 
ItzLee Benno 23 Nov 192217 Jul 1976Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzLeo  6 May 192612 Feb 2016Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
ItzLisa Elsa 2 Sep 196029 Jan 1961St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ItzLonnie Alfred  14 Oct 191627 Sep 2003Greenwood Cemetery  
ItzLouis 2 Apr 187430 Jan 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzLouiseBratherich17 Oct 186926 Apr 1961Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzMargaretha "Margarett"Dietz5 Apr 187611 Mar 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzMartin 18 Nov 19133 Aug 1915Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzMarvin Willie  4 Aug 193116 Apr 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzMeta HerthaStaedtler21 Jan 19181 Dec 1988Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzNorma IreneKlett4 Jun 191415 Sep 1999Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzOtto 23 Sep 18782 Jun 1968Harper Community Cemetery 
ItzRuby DoraOehler7 Mar 191719 Mar 1990St. Peter Lutheran Church   
ItzRudolph 1 Jan 187222 Sep 1940Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzSelma EmmaMayer17 Jul 189023 Feb 1981Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzStephen Earl 2 Jun 19526 Jun 1973St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ItzVelma Maria AmalieBruns2 Jul 192015 Jun 2004Greenwood Cemetery 
ItzViolet MargieEckert12 Mar 192914 Sep 1989St. Peter Lutheran Church   
ItzWalter 2 Oct 190124 Dec 1978St. Peter Lutheran Church  
ItzWilhelm 8 Oct 185924 Mar 1938St. Peter Lutheran Church  
ItzWilhelm 16 Dec 188430 Aug 1891Der Stadt Friedhof 
ItzWilliam Karl "Karl", Sr.  28 Oct 183131 Jan 1908Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzZena 21 May 194021 May 1940Der Stadt Friedhof 
IvesWilliam Bruce  1 Nov 186513 Jun 1944Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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