'T' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
TalleyGandreGussie9 Jun 190914 Jun 1986Greenwood Cemetery   
TallyMcLeanMavis Watts 29 Nov 19264 Apr 2009Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
TannerNealAda May21 Jan 189130 Jun 1966Christadelphian Cemetery  
TannerBaethgeAgnes Lettie20 Mar 190723 Dec 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
TannerOdiorneClaudie17 Dec 188921 Dec 1975Christadelphian Cemetery  
TannerSankeyFlora13 Mar 19089 Feb 1993Christadelphian Cemetery  
TannerTaylorMattie A.26 Jan 189824 Jul 1976Christadelphian Cemetery  
TannerWoodRuth Wanda15 Jan 192317 Dec 1990Christadelphian Cemetery  
TarverStehlingCarlette11 Oct 190610 Sep 1979St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
TarverRobichauxLouise T "Nana"26 May 19146 Aug 1988St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
TatschStoffersAmanda15 Oct 18659 Jan 1945Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschJungAnna L.3 Oct 187913 Jun 1963Greenwood Cemetery 
TatschSchuppBertha Dorthea11 Oct 1866Der Stadt Friedhof 
TatschAhrensCaroline4 Oct 187211 Mar 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschSchaperDina25 Jun 188525 Jan 1961Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschMeierDorothea26 Jul 19253 Mar 2014Greenwood Cemetery 
TatschFrantzenEdna A.11 Apr 189718 Feb 1982Erasmus Frantzen Cemetery   
TatschKuenemannElizabeth "Elise"19 Oct 18472 Jan 1929Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschEllebrachtElla30 Apr 190010 Dec 1987Greenwood Cemetery  
TatschMarschallFrida26 Mar 188711 Mar 1929Harper Community Cemetery 
TatschJungHelen Katherine "Katy"6 Mar 190828 Nov 2003St. Anthony's Catholic  
TatschKottHilda10 Jul 189312 May 1984Der Stadt Friedhof   
TatschSchlueterHulda12 Nov 187214 Oct 1926Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschMarschallIda20 Mar 18786 Nov 1935Der Stadt Friedhof 
TatschArltKathrina4 Feb 185413 Feb 1911Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschDietzLina4 May 187425 Jan 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschSchaeferLinda30 Sep 186710 Apr 1951Trinity Lutheran  
TatschWunderlichLonda R.31 Jan 191922 Jan 2009Greenwood Cemetery 
TatschTatschMaria Elizabeth11 Dec 182820 Nov 1885Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschJacobyMaria Katharine "Kathrine"23 Jun 183928 Aug 1914Trinity Lutheran  
TatschJosephMartha5 Oct 187630 Mar 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschMeurerMeta3 Nov 188515 Oct 1964St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
TatschFritzMinna B.4 Jan 189218 Nov 1969St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
TatschJungNellie3 Oct 18941 Apr 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
TatschKlingelhoeferSophie22 Oct 185730 Oct 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
TatschHaunThekla Wada12 Jun 190011 Jul 1964Greenwood Cemetery 
TatumMarschallThelma Blanche "Ted"9 Dec 190629 Feb 1960Der Stadt Friedhof  
TaylorJohnsonClaudia Alta "Lady Bird"22 Dec 191211 Jul 2007Johnson Family Cemetery   
TaylorDuderstadtEdna Bea1 Dec 191028 Feb 1999Harper Community Cemetery  
TaylorPerilEmma J.18631920Peril Cemetery
TaylorWelchHannah C.18781967Harper Community Cemetery
TaylorPriessJosie5 Dec 19122 Aug 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
TaylorFairchildMartha4 Jun 185510 Aug 1929Harper Community Cemetery 
TaylorCarletonMartha B.16 Feb 18939 Jun 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
TaylorYoungMary Denise "Denise"5 Mar 195410 Feb 2015Greenwood Cemetery 
TaylorEvansMary Isabelle11 Nov 185310 Sep 1918Willow City  
TaylorBrownPersia Hephzibeth18541888Brown Ranch Cemetery
TaylorMcDonaldRebecca Angelina28 Dec 182930 Sep 1903Harper Community Cemetery
TaylorGraukeSue Nell5 Oct 192027 Dec 2012Greenwood Cemetery 
TaylorFairchildTheodocia Earnest30 Aug 187627 May 1939Harper Community Cemetery 
TeagueWunderlichMarjorie Dean26 May 192826 Mar 1983Harper Community Cemetery  
TeerDeikePatricia Gale10 Feb 194112 May 1998Trinity Lutheran   
TeggeHannemannElizabeth, Mrs.2 Dec 186718 May 1951Der Stadt Friedhof 
TempletFinnMarie Genevieve4 Dec 19159 May 2009Not stated / Unknown 
TendallCosperMissouri "Grandma"abt 182825 Oct 1903Harper Community Cemetery
TeschnerNovianEmma Louise22 Mar 18768 May 1966Greenwood Cemetery 
TeschnerJungLydia T.17 Apr 190629 Nov 1983Greenwood Cemetery  
TeschnerSpearsMeta L.6 Feb 19273 May 2003Greenwood Cemetery 
TeschnerWestNanny L.22 Apr 191026 Apr 1972Greenwood Cemetery 
TettlesKlothJohanna4 Mar 182924 Jul 1882Der Stadt Friedhof  
TheobaldRayLorraine Katherine5 Aug 193826 Apr 1994Stonewall Community Cemetery  
ThieleFowlerCora9 Jul 19192 Apr 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
ThieleDurstElenora30 May 192030 Dec 2005Der Stadt Friedhof 
ThieleAlberthalEmilie Sarah Elsie4 Dec 189219 Jun 1989Der Stadt Friedhof   
ThieleSchmidtzinskyEstella Margaret25 Jan 19137 Mar 1997St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ThieleFiedlerLoreen7 Oct 19286 May 2012Greenwood Cemetery  
ThieleDittmarMeta Regina Elsie8 Aug 191430 Apr 2010Der Stadt Friedhof   
ThieleLangehennigRegina Johanette8 Oct 189025 Nov 1968Der Stadt Friedhof  
ThieleEmilienburgRuby Elsa8 Feb 191727 Sep 1988Der Stadt Friedhof   
ThieleBeyerThelma6 Feb 191517 Jul 1982Der Stadt Friedhof  
ThiersSimonEmma4 Sep 187720 Aug 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
ThigpenSteubingEra23 Sep 19199 Mar 2002Greenwood Cemetery  
ThomasKirkBettie1 Jan 188721 Feb 1985Eckert Community Cemetery   
ThomasKrausElizabeth181910 Feb 1885St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ThomasParkerLela Alberta17 Nov 190726 Jun 1935Harper Community Cemetery 
ThomasStearnsLila Mae25 Feb 19234 Jun 1991Eckert Community Cemetery  
ThompsonKleinDoris Gertrude28 Dec 191924 May 1980St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ThompsonGantenbeinHelen Gladys "Bill"6 Jan 192814 Feb 2013Greenwood Cemetery 
ThompsonBrodieJetta7 May 189225 Feb 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
ThompsonKrumdieckLucy Josephine13 Sep 192013 Jan 2007Greenwood Cemetery 
ThompsonFarrarMarguerite "Margaret"10 Jan 189614 Feb 1970Harper Community Cemetery 
ThompsonStevensMary Katherine "Kay"1 Jan 188625 Nov 1972Harper Community Cemetery 
ThompsonGoldNenelle Kay "Kay"19 Nov 193620 Oct 2000Willow City   
ThomsonVaughnFrances A.3 Aug 19236 Apr 2015Greenwood Cemetery 
ThomsonBeveridgeMargaret MacDougall21 Apr 19056 Nov 1991Greenwood Cemetery  
ThornblomSchultzEllen S.29 May 189113 Feb 1978Greenwood Cemetery 
ThorneLemmonsJane1 Apr 193724 Dec 2002Harper Community Cemetery 
ThummelPriessMarie Katie12 Mar 18949 Apr 1959Der Stadt Friedhof 
ThurmondDillardEllen Ann7 Nov 193231 Jul 2007Harper Community Cemetery  
ThurstonHaleLucille5 Oct 19024 Jan 1986Greenwood Cemetery  
TiemannHeinEleanor "Sue"17 Jan 191428 Dec 1969Greenwood Cemetery 
TilliJuenkeHenriette18 Sep 181827 Mar 1882Der Stadt Friedhof  
TillsonLarabeeFlorence "Tinky"1 Oct 19287 Apr 2001Greenwood Cemetery  
TimmDubeGertrude M.16 Mar 192710 Dec 2002St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
TimmermanStevensRuby May1 Jan 191610 Oct 2012Greenwood Cemetery
TinneyHodgesViola3 Oct 191425 Jan 2014Christadelphian Cemetery  
TisdaleMurrayRuth Alice30 Nov 190823 Jul 1988Greenwood Cemetery  
TitzeJungAnna15 Aug 18478 Feb 1919Der Stadt Friedhof  
TobinRobertsIrene21 Jul 191418 May 2014Harper Community Cemetery 
ToepperweinWalterLouise Ella21 Nov 18983 Mar 1938Der Stadt Friedhof 
TolbertKuhlmannCynthia Yvonne13 Aug 19539 Dec 2016Harper Community Cemetery 
TolsonDe GarimoreMartha Ellen30 Aug 190627 Feb 2004Greenwood Cemetery  
TomekHoggardPatricia Ann16 Jul 194213 Jul 2007Greenwood Cemetery 
TommeKelleyJulia Ann25 Dec 19562 Oct 2010Cremated 
TompsonSchmidtAmelia6 Sep 184925 Oct 1934Der Stadt Friedhof 
TorresValdezEsther5 Feb 190519 May 1948Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)  
TorrezSanchezAdela29 Nov 192812 Feb 2001St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
TreibsWelgehausenAmanda Bertha6 Feb 190211 May 1974Der Stadt Friedhof 
TreibsWelgeAnna Maria15 Mar 18331 Apr 1924Welge Cemetery
TreibsSchmidtBertha31 Jul 186019 Sep 1957Der Stadt Friedhof 
TreibsWoernerCornelia13 Jun 18721 Jan 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
TreibsSchlaudtEdna5 Apr 190010 Jan 1988Greenwood Cemetery   
TreibsOehlerEmma2 Nov 185813 Jun 1943Der Stadt Friedhof  
TreibsKeyserEstella "Stella"28 Sep 190914 Jun 2000Der Stadt Friedhof 
TreibsBurrerFlora Ella21 Aug 192629 Oct 2015Der Stadt Friedhof   
TreibsKoenigLeonora19 Oct 186522 Dec 1956Greenwood Cemetery 
TreibsDietzMargaret8 Jan 189823 Jul 1995Greenwood Cemetery  
TreibsWahlMaria Elisa "Mary"3 May 185520 Jan 1945Friedrich Family Cemetery 
TreibsBierschwaleMarie Margaretha "Margaretha"4 Sep 18309 May 1918Der Stadt Friedhof   
TreibsFischerMeta K.20 Mar 189615 Jul 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
TreibsFeugeRosa Lydia28 Apr 190624 Jul 2000Der Stadt Friedhof  
TrieschDeikeFrances23 Nov 19033 Aug 1994Trinity Lutheran   
TrieschFellerHilda L.31 Mar 19269 Jul 2014Harper Community Cemetery 
TrieschBergmannOlga10 Sep 18915 Jun 1945Der Stadt Friedhof  
TronsonJungAileen7 Jan 190931 Mar 1988St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
TrostBooneAgnes Maria25 Nov 194120 Nov 2004St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
TroutSpringallBernice23 Apr 190811 Dec 1997Greenwood Cemetery  
TrumMetzgerAnna Maria17 Jun 18264 Jan 1915St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
TrusswayCottleNancy Catherine11 Sep 186818 Feb 1952Harper Community Cemetery 
TubbsPfauIma Mae16 Nov 191710 Oct 2010Greenwood Cemetery 
TuckerHerdonMaria Anna18278 Feb 1885St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
TumlinsonMeineVina Mae24 Oct 19235 Apr 2003Greenwood Cemetery 
TupaSvatekAnnie B.5 Aug 192220 Jan 2010St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
TupaSvatekRose Marie15 Aug 191319 Oct 2001St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
TurkerettWatsonLouise6 Mar 186131 Dec 1940Der Stadt Friedhof 
TurnbuldHeimannLaurene26 Sep 191019 Oct 1994Der Stadt Friedhof  
TurnerCurryLillian Eugenia26 Mar 19108 Feb 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
TurnerJohnsonSarah Elizabeth4 Nov 19119 Apr 1996Greenwood Cemetery  
TurnerPolakShari Dale16 Nov 193814 Apr 2011Not stated / Unknown 
TwomblyBatchelderPriscilla Wellman5 May 19206 Feb 2004St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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