'V' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
VadneyHallockMargaret Anne "Peggy"24 Jun 194018 Sep 2001Greenwood Cemetery  
ValdezMorquechoManuella25 Aug 193520 Jul 2000St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ValdezRodriquezPaula5 Mar 191210 Dec 2000St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ValverdeIrelanTheresa Kelso27 Feb 190520 Oct 1988Der Stadt Friedhof  
Van HoutenGarrettVirginia B.23 Jul 190518 Dec 1991Fort Bliss National Cemetery 
Vander StuckenMaierLouise Adela183822 Feb 1874St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery 
VasquezGonzalezRefugia7 Dec 19337 May 2011St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
VaughanConeFlorence Ann, M.D.21 May 194412 Jun 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
VelasquezMaskillCarmen V3 Mar 192025 Jul 1997St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
VeltenJacobyMary Elisabeth "Maria"28 May 18142 Dec 1903Stonewall Community Cemetery 
VenzorGaytanAnastasia "Eustacia"29 Mar 190026 Sep 1944Our Lady of Guadalupe (Stonewall) 
VessierMeinersMarva7 Apr 195827 Feb 2006Greenwood Cemetery 
VickmanGlaseDoris25 Feb 191510 Feb 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
VictorinoMartinezAnita26 Jul 194020 May 2011St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
VielhauerHierholzerAnna Elizabeth8 Aug 192828 Apr 2017Greenwood Cemetery 
VienHomrighausenMary Joanne "Joanne"25 Aug 192611 Jun 2016St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum 
VillegasOchoaMargarita21 Jan 195527 Dec 2015St. Anthony's Catholic 
VincentWhiteMaryComanche Cemetery 
VincientWhiteEvelineComanche Cemetery 
VineyardHogueMary E23 Aug 191916 Jan 1990St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
VirdenOehlerOpal14 Sep 19087 Oct 2001Greenwood Cemetery   
VoelkelDanzMarjorie4 May 192623 Jul 2015St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
VogelSchmidtzinskyAlma Mathilda27 Sep 191427 May 2007St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
VogelStaudtAnna Maria6 Aug 185124 Dec 1888South Grape Creek Catholic Cemetery (aka Luckenbach Cemetery) 
VogelStehlingBarbara12 Jun 183526 Jan 1920St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
VogelOttmersClara14 Jan 191316 Dec 2010St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum  
VogelPriessElisabeth3 Sep 182618 May 1914Greenwood Cemetery 
VogelHeinerEstella Augusta11 Aug 191624 May 2010St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum   
VogelPehlIda Elizabeth14 Feb 191210 Jul 1988Stonewall Community Cemetery  
VogelNebgenTheresa M13 Oct 18909 Dec 1984St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
VogesKirchhoffJohanna24 Mar 185519 Nov 1881Kirchhoff Cemetery
VoigtBehrendsAnnabelle16 Nov 193225 Jan 2017Der Stadt Friedhof   
VoigtNovianFrieda11 Feb 190127 Feb 1988St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
VoigtBuchholzGertrude M.16 Dec 18945 May 1975Greenwood Cemetery 
VoigtNovianHedwig24 Aug 18964 Aug 1952St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
VollmeringSiggelAnna28 Apr 186227 Jul 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
von LienenLehneEdith H.29 Jun 190624 Jun 2003Greenwood Cemetery 
VorpahlBrownLucile Dorothy5 Apr 192523 Feb 2014Greenwood Cemetery 
VossCorbinMarolyn Ann 27 Jul 194022 Mar 2019Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
VroomanParkerMargaret Mary21 Jun 19155 Feb 2002St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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