'A' Surnames

SurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Maiden NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
AbshierJ. T.  18 May 19317 Jan 2013Not stated / Unknown 
AchinelliAntonio Calvente 22 Jul 189919 Jan 1979St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AchinelliCharles "Chuck"  14 Mar 19298 Mar 2014Greenwood Cemetery  
AchinelliClaraRojas10 Apr 190323 Aug 1991St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AchinelliRubyRossberg23 Aug 192713 Dec 2013Greenwood Cemetery 
AcostaMaria Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AcreeWilliam Horace  14 Nov 19134 Aug 1990Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AdamsAlexander  10 Aug 18433 Nov 1918Harper Community Cemetery  
AdamsAlexander Calhoun, Jr.  10 Jul 192329 Jul 1972Greenwood Cemetery 
AdamsAllen Edward  24 Nov 192511 Mar 2015Greenwood Cemetery   
AdamsElaineEisele16 Jul 19266 Feb 2017Greenwood Cemetery  
AdamsElizabeth "Bettie"Ward20 Aug 183013 Feb 1910Harper Community Cemetery  
AdamsFrances CatherineJohnston5 Jan 191613 Oct 2006Greenwood Cemetery  
AdamsHerbert Milton "Herb"  16 Oct 192929 Mar 2015Not stated / Unknown 
AdamsHoward C., Sr.  30 May 192211 Jan 1997Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AdamsJohn Quincy 20 Nov 18246 Feb 1893Harper Community Cemetery  
AdamsJohn William 22 Feb 186929 Sep 1957Harper Community Cemetery  
AdamsKenneth P. "K. P."  17 Jun 19291 Dec 2019Greenwood Cemetery 
AdamsMary JaneKramp25 Aug 193126 Sep 2008Greenwood Cemetery 
AdamsNancy ElizabethDees13 Apr 187320 Nov 1960Harper Community Cemetery  
AdamsT.S. "Tom", Sr. 16 Nov 19055 Nov 1997Greenwood Cemetery  
AdamsViola Ida "Olie"Haufler9 Apr 192626 Dec 2018Greenwood Cemetery 
AdamsWilliam Hurley "Hurley" 3 Oct 186823 Dec 1960Harper Community Cemetery  
AgerJeanBeaver14 Aug 194028 Jun 1992St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek   
AgletonFlorine AnnEnderlin23 Oct 193117 Aug 2010St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
AgletonGene Paul  24 Nov 19292 Mar 2011St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
Agosta  Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AguilarFernando 8 Dec 19048 Apr 1981Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AguilarJosephineRodriguez15 May 19021 Jun 1951Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AguilarVicente, Jr.  2 Jan 193816 Nov 1993Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
Aguilar-GutierrezAntonio 1 Mar 19135 Jan 2018St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AguirreGillerminaRubio22 Oct 194624 Aug 2011Cremated 
AguirreLeonardo, Sr. 1 Sep 195020 Aug 2009St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
AhlgrenCharles Aubrey "Charlie"  21 Aug 193110 Jun 2016Not stated / Unknown 
AhrendtGregory Louis Walter  15 Dec 195328 Apr 2020Not stated / Unknown 
Ahrens(infant) 16 Sep 190116 Sep 1901Harper Community Cemetery  
AhrensAlbert August  16 Sep 189020 Dec 1961St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AhrensAlfred 20 Mar 18765 May 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensAlfred A. 20 Jul 18842 Jan 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensAlfred Carl, Sr. 23 Dec 189227 Sep 1980Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensAlfron Louis  16 Sep 189819 Nov 1967Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AhrensAllen Arthur 15 Feb 19597 Mar 2014St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
AhrensAlmaSchmidt11 Jul 188410 Apr 1973Meusebach Creek Cemetery 
AhrensAlma B.Birck18 Sep 189410 Dec 1984Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensAnnelle Fay 20 Mar 195820 Mar 1958Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensArno Felix, Jr. 31 Jan 194621 Apr 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensArno Hugo 15 Nov 190520 Dec 1996Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensArthur Benjamin 3 Sep 190927 Sep 2001St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
AhrensArthur Henry  9 Sep 189327 Sep 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensAugust 5 Aug 188225 Jan 1964Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensBenno Friederich 5 Feb 191418 Aug 1994Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensCarolineTatsch4 Oct 187211 Mar 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensCatharina Dorothea E. "Dora"Bratherich12 Jan 184326 Nov 1916Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensCatherina DorotheaDurst23 Apr 185130 Jun 1931Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensCharles 14 Jan 186319 Feb 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensCharles Frederick "Charley / Carl" 3 Nov 185328 Apr 1946Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensChristian H. 14 Nov 184912 May 1887Ahrens Cemetery # 2
AhrensChristiane 29 Dec 186329 Dec 1863Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensChristine ClaraEckert3 Apr 18747 Feb 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensClaraKetron7 Aug 19144 Oct 2011Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensClara EliseAlberthal6 May 186918 Dec 1914Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensConrad, Sr. 26 Feb 180626 Apr 1884Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensConrad  12 Apr 184515 May 1932Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensConrad C., Jr.  30 Oct 183625 Dec 1915Ahrens Cemetery # 2 
AhrensDorotheaWitte181017 Mar 1890Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensEdna 27 Aug 19096 Nov 1909Lang Cemetery
AhrensEdward Jessie "Eddie" 29 Apr 188011 Oct 1956Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensEdwin C. 11 Jun 190011 Feb 1979Harper Community Cemetery  
AhrensEllaSchmidt13 Jun 188510 Nov 1963Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensEllaSchlaudt14 Nov 18901 Sep 1972Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensElsaBrodbeck11 Mar 189316 Mar 1976Trinity Lutheran  
AhrensEmil 25 Feb 19065 Nov 1924Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AhrensEmma 5 Mar 186111 Sep 1868Ahrens Cemetery # 2
AhrensEmma 29 Dec 18704 Oct 1877Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensEmmaMeyer22 Dec 18801 Aug 1968Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensErna Anna AugustaSchmidt17 Feb 191030 Jul 1998Meusebach Creek Cemetery   
AhrensFelix 15 May 188028 Jan 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensFriedrich G. "Fritz" 22 Aug 18753 Jun 1945Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AhrensHarold Elias  10 Mar 19225 Aug 1943St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AhrensHarry Otto 26 Oct 19084 Mar 1983Meusebach Creek Cemetery   
AhrensHeinrich 18346 May 1877Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensHeinrich "Henry" 22 Feb 187919 Oct 1943Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensHeinrich Herman "Henry" 23 Feb 186626 Nov 1948Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensHenry William 21 Mar 186530 Jul 1936Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensHerbert Edwin  7 Aug 19252 Jan 2018Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensHerman Conrad August  17 Apr 18913 Aug 1978Trinity Lutheran  
AhrensHilmar Felix  12 Nov 19094 Apr 1962Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AhrensIda ElizabethGrosenbacher31 Aug 18978 Dec 1977Harper Community Cemetery  
AhrensIda MaryAlberthal5 Dec 188729 Mar 1947Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensJerald Wayne 4 Aug 194713 Dec 2010Jerald W. Ahrens Family Cemetery 
AhrensJohanna Augusta "Auguste"Ellebracht2 Dec 187628 Oct 1956Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensKaroline "Carolina"Nebig30 Jan 18423 Mar 1912Ahrens Cemetery # 2
AhrensLaura K.Dearing3 Apr 190127 Jan 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
AhrensLola Edna EmmaCrenwelge17 Mar 191624 Aug 1993Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensLola LeahHahne1 May 192523 Aug 2001Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensLori Gail 4 Jun 19654 Jun 1965Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensLouis Henry 19 Sep 187321 Nov 1950Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensLouiseCrenwelge7 Feb 187720 Apr 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensLouise M.Sultemeier28 Nov 191329 Apr 1990Post Oak Community Cemetery  
AhrensLouise SelmaCrenwelge4 Dec 19267 Dec 2005St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
AhrensLucille OlgaMeier1 Feb 19288 Nov 1991Harper Community Cemetery   
AhrensLucyZachariae20 Nov 188427 May 1969Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensMamie 7 May 19268 May 1926Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensMaria S. "Mary"Heiner13 Sep 187630 Apr 1944Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AhrensMarthaFrantzen8 Aug 185713 Dec 1948Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensMarvin Albert 22 Jan 192322 Aug 2021St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
AhrensMax  31 Dec 18943 Oct 1918Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery 
AhrensMaxie, Sr.  8 Nov 192211 Nov 1977St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum  
AhrensMaxie James  12 Jul 195020 Jul 2020St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum
AhrensMetaWeirich13 Sep 188418 Jan 1936Der Stadt Friedhof 
AhrensMetaKothe15 Feb 189327 Nov 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensMilton Richard  4 Mar 19279 May 1998Harper Community Cemetery   
AhrensNorman Carl 25 Jun 192417 Dec 1938St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AhrensNorman Edmund 25 Nov 194417 Jan 1976Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AhrensOrwin Arthur 6 Aug 190420 Dec 1990Post Oak Community Cemetery 
AhrensOscar George 13 Oct 190419 Nov 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensOttilie Alma "Tillie" 8 Nov 191327 Mar 2000Meusebach Creek Cemetery  
AhrensOtto Henry 25 Oct 188518 Feb 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensPerry James 2 Jul 19402 Jul 1940Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensRichard 25 Oct 18857 Jul 1959Meusebach Creek Cemetery  
AhrensRoy Alvin 30 Aug 191625 May 1979Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensRuben William  22 Aug 191626 Jan 1988Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensRudolph H. 23 Sep 187528 Jan 1971Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensSarahRode2 Jan 18862 Dec 1957St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AhrensSophiaMarschall7 Feb 18494 Jun 1902Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensSophie KatherineMoellering26 Apr 186928 Jul 1947Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrensSylvester Edgar 31 Dec 190729 Nov 1993Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery   
AhrensTonie LauraGrenwelge15 Mar 191215 Apr 1985Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery   
AhrensVera GertrudeOehler5 Apr 191516 Sep 1991Greenwood Cemetery  
AhrensVernell ElenoraBecker5 Feb 193430 Jul 2016St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
AhrensVictor 8 Feb 192122 Feb 1921Rode # 1
AhrensViolet JeanRahe15 Jul 193416 Oct 2003Greenwood Cemetery 
AhrensWanda A.Crenwelge7 Dec 19101 Aug 2011Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery   
AhrensWilliam 27 Apr 184825 Mar 1926Ahrens Cemetery # 1
AhrensWillie 8 Jun 18896 Feb 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
AhrlettEdgar Walter, Sr. 24 Aug 190617 Jan 1989Grapetown Cemetery  
AhrlettElla LouiseDegel5 Feb 193220 Jan 1990Grapetown Cemetery  
AhrlettGeorge 20 Aug 188111 Sep 1930Grapetown Cemetery 
AhrlettMinda MaryHetzel28 Jul 19189 Oct 2003Grapetown Cemetery  
AhrlettMinnaSchaefer2 Mar 188723 May 1957Grapetown Cemetery 
AhrlettWilliam George "Bill"  26 Jan 19281 Jan 1999Grapetown Cemetery  
AikinT. E. "Dean" 7 Sep 197411 Mar 2008Harper Community Cemetery 
AintworthEffie Stonewall Community Cemetery 
AkaWelda GayleEgglessfield9 May 193625 Jul 2018Noxville Cemetery
AkeyEffie 30 Jun 189020 Jan 1981Greenwood Cemetery 
AkinDeborah Greenwood Cemetery 
AkinElvert Greenwood Cemetery 
AlarconSimon 18 Feb 19108 Jun 1996Gillespie County Cemetery 
AlbachWilliam James  19 May 19288 Aug 2013Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AlbanLauraLewis14 Jun 19157 Jun 1979St. Barnabas Columbarium 
AlbanPaul Edward, Lt. Col.  11 Nov 191630 Mar 2003St. Barnabas Columbarium  
AlbanRobert Lewis 12 Apr 195227 Feb 2017St. Barnabas Columbarium 
AlbertClaraOehler23 Jul 192122 Feb 2007Greenwood Cemetery  
AlbertOscar Carl  29 Apr 19178 Oct 1991Greenwood Cemetery   
AlbertRuth Mary 13 Feb 193014 Nov 1999St. Barnabas Columbarium  
Alberthal  Stonewall Community Cemetery 
Alberthal(baby boy) 4 Mar 19604 Mar 1960St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AlberthalAlfred Louis  28 Jul 189115 Jan 1962Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalAlvin Henry  12 Jan 189024 Jan 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalAndrew Alfred  15 Oct 193327 Dec 2009St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum  
AlberthalAugust 15 Oct 185314 Nov 1939Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalBenno William "Ben" 3 Aug 190525 Dec 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalBetty JaneGold7 Jul 192915 Apr 2008Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalCalvin Edmund 10 Apr 193227 Dec 1997Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalCharles "Carl" 12 Jul 186026 Jun 1938Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalCora L.Petmecky29 Sep 189531 Oct 1979Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalCornelia C.Marschall22 Aug 190018 May 1977Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalDavy JeanSchnerr5 Dec 193516 Jul 2002Greenwood Cemetery  
AlberthalDonna Diane 7 Jun 19536 Apr 2014St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
AlberthalEarl Henry Christopher 13 Aug 193019 Aug 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalEdmund William 6 Apr 189515 Sep 1979Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalEdwin Peter 10 Jun 190030 May 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalElisabethaGoelzer8 Nov 183114 Sep 1897Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalElise Hulda "Eliesa"Schuch28 Mar 190824 Feb 1998Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalElsa Otilla 24 Apr 191110 Dec 1921Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalEmil John  19 Jul 18965 Dec 1950Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalEmilieHerber6 Apr 186715 Oct 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalEmilie Sarah ElsieThiele4 Dec 189219 Jun 1989Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalErnst August 4 Oct 188613 Jul 1963Greenwood Cemetery 
AlberthalErwin Adolf Otfried  15 Jul 192325 Nov 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
AlberthalHarry Herman  12 May 18938 Sep 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalHeinrich "Henry" 3 Jun 18622 Sep 1945Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalHelene CarolineArhelger28 Sep 185919 Mar 1886Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalHenry Carl Adam 25 Jan 188614 Jun 1886Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalIrene LottieSchlueter14 Aug 193025 Aug 2015St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery
AlberthalJames Harry 15 Aug 194115 Aug 1941Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalJoe Henry  13 Aug 192910 Oct 2012Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalLenaLangehennig1 Sep 186610 Feb 1933Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalLena K.Wittkohl23 May 189515 Aug 1960Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalLena LeonaMiiller5 Mar 192325 Oct 2011Greenwood Cemetery
AlberthalLeroy Wesley  3 Dec 191810 Mar 2005Greenwood Cemetery  
AlberthalMariaFahrenhorst17 Oct 185525 Jun 1897Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalMaria A.Schmidt29 Jun 189019 Jun 1981Greenwood Cemetery  
AlberthalMichael Wayne 5 Apr 19515 Apr 1951St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AlberthalNelly Caecilie "Nellie"Feuge10 Aug 190212 Dec 1985Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalNolan A. R. 19 Nov 19277 Jan 1928Schuch Family Cemetery  
AlberthalNora B.Burrer23 Mar 19053 Nov 1988Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlberthalOtto Wilhelm  5 Jul 189030 May 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalPeter Jacob  10 Aug 183025 Oct 1919Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalRichard Adolph 3 May 189820 Feb 1978Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalRichard P. 10 Feb 192811 Feb 1928Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalRoland Alfred 31 Dec 193316 Jun 2008Greenwood Cemetery 
AlberthalRosaMaier2 Jan 18566 May 1937Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalWalter Emil 25 Sep 18966 Aug 1926Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlberthalWesley Allen 7 Feb 193513 Nov 2015Greenwood Cemetery 
AlberthalWilhelmineGraeger18 Nov 182122 Mar 1872Der Stadt Friedhof 
AlberthalWilliam Henry Edmund 14 Feb 192925 Oct 2007St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
AlbertiIrene SophieSultemeier24 Aug 192713 Jun 2021Greenwood Cemetery 
AlbiterMaria Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlbiterMariaMedina29 Nov 195222 Jun 2021St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AlbiterMiguel Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlbiterYolandaMedina14 Sep 195527 Oct 2014St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
AlbiterZacarias, Sr. 8 Jun 190824 Sep 2009St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
AlemanBeatrice 20 Sep 195520 Jul 1956Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlemanDomingo 3 Jun 19457 Jun 1945Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)
AlemanEdward 13 Oct 192410 Nov 1986Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlemanFelix 1899???9Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)  
AlemanFrankie 12 Sep 1959St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AlemanGeorge abt 190311 Dec 1932Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)
AlemanGilbert 20 Apr 1962St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AlemanJuan L. "John" 23 May 19277 May 2004St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlemanManuel 23 May 19273 Apr 2012St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
AlemanTimothy Lee 3 Mar 19861 May 1995St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
AlemanTomasaLopez29 Sep 19003 Jan 1991St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlemanYolanda Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlemannNarcissa 9 Oct 2006Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
AlexanderBeatriceWitte1 Jan 192220 Nov 2002Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlexanderBirge Davis 15 Aug 191129 Sep 2004Johnson Family Cemetery  
AlexanderBurress Wade  28 Dec 18929 Dec 1951Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderEmma Hill Crest Cemetery  
AlexanderEthel EttaWiley3 Mar 190721 Feb 2002Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderEverett Lee 20 Jan 188714 Jan 1967Eckert Community Cemetery 
AlexanderHenry F. 18841959Eckert Community Cemetery 
AlexanderHomer Adolph  9 Jun 18969 Feb 1988Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderIda FlorenceSmith14 Jun 18598 Jan 1949Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderJames Brice 30 Dec 185215 Nov 1938Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderJames C.  22 Sep 189022 Oct 1921Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderLadora Mae 6 Mar 193723 Sep 1979Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderLucia HuffmanJohnson10 Jun 191619 Nov 1997Johnson Family Cemetery  
AlexanderReney Cimiamon  26 May 184725 Mar 1926Hill Crest Cemetery  
AlexanderRonald W. 4 Apr 19552 Jun 1996Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlexanderRoss Lee  28 May 19322 Jun 1966Eckert Community Cemetery  
AlexanderTheodor W 1 Aug 191919 Aug 1994Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlexanderWilliam J. "Bill"  29 Feb 192420 Sep 2015Not stated / Unknown
AlferbachC. M. Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlferbachEmmaKoppe9 Feb 185012 Sep 1941Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlferbachJohn Carl "Carl" 4 Nov 18345 Apr 1916Der Stadt Friedhof   
AllenAlbert Lay, Sr. 28 Jan 188424 Jul 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
AllenAlbert Lay, Jr. 20 Jan 193426 Mar 1952Der Stadt Friedhof  
AllenArthur Charles, Jr.  25 Apr 19312 Jul 2010Harper Community Cemetery   
AllenBertha Young's Chapel 
AllenClarence Reed  15 Oct 18993 Apr 1997Greenwood Cemetery  
AllenDoneneWerner19 Oct 193324 Dec 2018Harper Community Cemetery 
AllenJohnny Reese JonesKeeton12 Apr 190118 Oct 1999Greenwood Cemetery  
AllenMargaretKunz31 Mar 19143 Feb 2004St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AllenRose MarieTanner10 Oct 19379 Jan 2020Greenwood Cemetery 
AllenRussell Edward  1 Dec 193216 Oct 2019Greenwood Cemetery 
AllenSteven Ray 28 Nov 195220 Aug 1969Der Stadt Friedhof 
AllenWilliam Thomas, Jr.  16 Dec 192916 Dec 1995Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
AllenWillieBrown30 Jan 189215 Feb 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
AllenWoodrow Hugh  17 Nov 19184 Sep 1943Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AllenWoodrow Wilson  18 Apr 191824 Apr 2014Der Stadt Friedhof  
AllisonMary Eliza "Mamie"Bright22 Jul 190718 May 2001Johnson Family Cemetery  
AllisonRichard Edward 12 Aug 189815 Dec 1969Johnson Family Cemetery  
AllmonTommy Joe 23 Mar 193828 Jan 2002Wilke Family Cemetery  
AllredJames Virgle 18 Nov 19347 Feb 1997Greenwood Cemetery  
AlmandzDolores 18591 Jul 1887St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AltAlethiaBrockles10 Aug 19252 Sep 2011St. Barnabas Columbarium 
AltCarlotta LynnLangerhans24 Jan 196611 Mar 1990Der Stadt Friedhof   
AltThomas Edward, Sr.  2 Dec 192524 Jul 2008St. Barnabas Columbarium  
Althaus(infant girl) 19491949St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
Althaus(infant girl) 19591959St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AlthausAdela CorneliaCornehl7 Sep 192023 Jan 2007Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlthausAlma L.Schaefer28 Aug 19163 Mar 2002Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlthausAnna Marie ElisabethBehrns20 Mar 18232 Nov 1910St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausAttie M.Key3 Aug 187224 Jun 1954Greenwood Cemetery  
AlthausBertha DaisyHorlen16 Aug 190519 Jun 1998Greenwood Cemetery   
AlthausBetty LaneLord7 Jul 192723 May 1989Greenwood Cemetery  
AlthausCharley 10 Nov 18592 Aug 1944Greenwood Cemetery  
AlthausChristian Charley 18 Jan 188319 Nov 1973St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausDayton William  23 Jan 19175 Mar 1997St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlthausDelbert Quinton 24 Dec 194224 Oct 1956Greenwood Cemetery 
AlthausDorothea "Dora"Wahrmund7 Feb 18565 Aug 1938St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
AlthausDudley Nolin  6 May 193324 Dec 2016Not stated / Unknown 
AlthausEllaHerbort6 Apr 188319 Dec 1956St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausEmil Wilhelm 13 Feb 18914 Oct 1965St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausErnst 12 Apr 186330 Aug 1916St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek   
AlthausEugene Theodore, Sr.  17 Dec 189217 Jul 1974Greenwood Cemetery 
AlthausHarvey Christian  10 Dec 192125 Jan 2012Der Stadt Friedhof   
AlthausJohann Christian Anton "Christian", Dr. 11 Feb 182110 Aug 1915St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausKaren Ann 10 Dec 19555 Apr 1972St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
AlthausLee Felix Carl 17 Apr 191110 Feb 1979Der Stadt Friedhof  
AlthausLena M.Reams2 Aug 19035 Jun 1984Greenwood Cemetery   
AlthausLouis 17 May 18655 Jul 1927St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausLucille MarieMeurer12 May 191926 Jun 2007St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlthausLudwig William, William 15 Nov 18492 May 1935St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
AlthausMargaret 12 Nov 192814 Jan 1932St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausMarlin Clinton  15 Feb 192525 Dec 1986Not stated / Unknown
AlthausMarlin Ernest 14 Jun 18981 Jul 1981Greenwood Cemetery   
AlthausMeta IdaHahne13 Nov 189219 Sep 1973Greenwood Cemetery 
AlthausNolin Christian 2 Apr 190422 Apr 1976Greenwood Cemetery  
AlthausPaulie Key  25 Mar 193811 Jan 1984Greenwood Cemetery  
AlthausRubin Max Henry  2 Dec 19074 Dec 1942St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
AlthausVoy Ernst, Sr.  3 Oct 192617 Sep 2019Greenwood Cemetery 
AlthausWilliam Haley  13 Mar 192418 Feb 2014Not stated / Unknown
AlvaradoAmandaCarrion30 Apr 19368 Sep 1992St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlvaradoJoe Gaitan, Jr. 23 Nov 19368 Sep 1992St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
AlvaradoMartha 29 Apr 196024 Sep 1977Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)  
AlvarezLorena Maria abt 19261931St. Anthony's Catholic
AmerineWilliam Ernest "Bill"  16 Apr 195330 Jan 2017Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AmesBernice 1 Oct 192410 Oct 2008Greenwood Cemetery 
AmesEdithBehrends15 Jan 189312 Jan 1988Greenwood Cemetery  
AndereggAlvin Martin Jacob 29 Dec 189331 Aug 1939Dietrich Rode
AndereggBessieGeistweidt12 Nov 189526 Mar 1970Anderegg Cemetery
AndereggBessie LinaDearing20 Jul 191430 Dec 2002St. Peter Lutheran Church  
AndereggCecilia FrederickaLange19 Nov 188722 Aug 1987St. Peter Lutheran Church   
AndereggClaraWendel6 Jan 18872 Apr 1915Anderegg Cemetery
AndereggClara Vera 11 Mar 191518 Aug 1977Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
AndereggCorwin Brett 4 Nov 196712 Dec 1987Anderegg Cemetery 
AndereggDan Lorenz, Jr.  3 Nov 19227 Mar 2011Greenwood Cemetery   
AndereggDaniel Lorenz "Dan", Sr.  3 Dec 188314 Dec 1965Anderegg Cemetery
AndereggDora LouiseMoellendorf11 May 18964 Oct 1939Der Stadt Friedhof 
AndereggDorothy AnnFreeman11 Jan 193825 May 2008Anderegg Cemetery 
AndereggEdnaNeffendorf1 Sep 189219 Aug 1968Dietrich Rode
AndereggEmil Albert  20 Aug 19141 Jul 2000St. Peter Lutheran Church   
AndereggErwin Archie  16 Sep 191915 Dec 2008Anderegg Cemetery 
AndereggGilbert Martin 19 Mar 19134 Jun 1988Noxville Cemetery 
AndereggHenry W. 4 Mar 188629 Dec 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
AndereggJohannaRode15 Apr 185625 Jun 1936Dietrich Rode
AndereggJohn Ulrich, Sr. 9 May 181924 Mar 1900Anderegg Cemetery
AndereggJohn Ulrich, Sr. 29 Aug 182624 Mar 1900Dietrich Rode
AndereggJohn Ulrich, Jr. 12 May 185922 Dec 1927Dietrich Rode
AndereggJohn Ulrich Theodor  16 Jul 192923 Oct 2011Dietrich Rode 
AndereggKathrynParker6 May 19201 Jun 1978Noxville Cemetery 
AndereggMargareta ChristineFritze1 Aug 184130 Nov 1924Anderegg Cemetery
AndereggMartin Elias 11 Mar 18813 Sep 1962St. Peter Lutheran Church  
AndereggMarvin Jacob 18 Feb 192129 Mar 1998Anderegg Cemetery 
AndereggMelvin Jerome  31 Oct 192614 Aug 2009Cremated 
AndereggOtto Charles P. 2 Mar 189726 Dec 1914Dietrich Rode
AndereggRoberta Elizabeth "Bobbie" Hicks10 Apr 192227 Jan 1998Greenwood Cemetery  
AndereggTegla E. 13 Oct 18891 May 1896Dietrich Rode
AndereggVictor Theodore Aadolph 1 Jul 19161 Nov 1960Dietrich Rode
AndersenCharles Eli  7 Jul 19479 Nov 2019Cremated
AndersenDavid Andrew "Andy", Sr.  31 Jan 192718 Jan 2018Not stated / Unknown
AndersenMarlene MetaDegel18 Jul 195020 Aug 2021St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AndersonBerkley Earl "Buck", Sr. 18 Aug 190513 May 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
AndersonBerkley Earl, Jr.  12 Jul 192411 Dec 1999Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AndersonEverett Lee 5 Apr 187822 Oct 1907Hill Crest Cemetery  
AndersonJames Solomon  29 Apr 19231 Mar 2011Willow City 
AndersonLela M.Ellis8 Sep 190515 Apr 1998Greenwood Cemetery  
AndersonMargaret AnnMcFaddin20 Jan 18475 Sep 1917Hill Crest Cemetery  
AndersonMary 9 Jun 187713 Aug 1958Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AndersonNadineHoldforth11 Oct 192921 Aug 2019St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AndersonOna MattieRogers16 Jan 19037 Jan 1995Harper Community Cemetery  
AndersonSeth Elmo 12 Feb 188115 Nov 1960Der Stadt Friedhof  
AndersonThomas Watkins  19 Sep 183824 May 1900Hill Crest Cemetery  
AndersonVirginia GlenScudder23 May 193024 May 2018Der Stadt Friedhof 
AndexlerGeorge R., Sr.  4 Feb 192416 Oct 2008Greenwood Cemetery  
AndexlerVerna E.Kruczek19261984Greenwood Cemetery 
AndrewsAncel Bennett 13 Jan 188511 Jan 1918Christadelphian Cemetery  
AndrewsAndrew Jackson, Jr.  30 May 19206 Jul 1996St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
AndrewsEdna Jewel "Eddie"Payne29 Apr 19175 Jan 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
AndrewsJames Alwyn  7 Feb 191813 Feb 2003Greenwood Cemetery  
AndrewsJohn Ancel 27 Jan 191011 Nov 1929Christadelphian Cemetery 
AndrewsKarolynKelso17 Nov 192019 Apr 2013St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AndrewsKatherine ReginaJordan24 Jun 191028 Mar 1994St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
AndrewsLee H. 3 Oct 199431 Aug 2011Greenwood Cemetery 
AndrewsRobert Larry "Andy"  4 Dec 193722 Jul 2010Sandy Cemetery 
AndrewsThomas Lee 27 Nov 19079 Dec 1974Christadelphian Cemetery  
AndrewsWenonah AliceWilliford25 Jun 191730 Nov 2004Christadelphian Cemetery  
AnnisFrances Patricia "Pat"Eggers13 Feb 19086 Jun 2005Greenwood Cemetery  
AnnisJerome Carlock  5 Oct 18993 Jan 1994Greenwood Cemetery  
ApelgrainAnnie LeeSmith7 Apr 191120 Jun 1975Harper Community Cemetery  
ApeltAugust, Sr. 31 Jul 18533 Jan 1933Der Stadt Friedhof 
ApeltAugust  27 Jun 189111 May 1967Greenwood Cemetery 
ApeltAugust Emil, Jr.  6 Oct 192112 Nov 1944Greenwood Cemetery 
ApeltAugusteLeifeste7 Feb 185122 Mar 1934Der Stadt Friedhof 
ApeltEdwin Henry 8 Nov 187821 Apr 1958Greenwood Cemetery 
ApeltOlgaHohenberger7 Oct 187627 Nov 1971Greenwood Cemetery 
ApeltSelma E.Ellebracht17 Jan 189930 Sep 1991Greenwood Cemetery  
ApeltWilliam 11 Mar 188013 Mar 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
AppleClifton Ray, Sr.  25 Apr 192820 Dec 2005Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
AppleGene Neal  11 Sep 197028 Aug 2018Cremated
AppletonJames R.  1829aft 1880Rocky Creek Cemetery
AquirreAnthony Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArchuletaEleanor SeraUsener11 Oct 192413 May 1981Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArgenzoSanta Mannela 10 Mar 195625 Aug 1956St. Mary's Garden Cemetery
Arhelger  19491949Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerAlberto August Henry, SSgt  29 Jul 192015 Jan 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerAlexander, Sr. 13 Nov 187027 Oct 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerAlexander Chester A. "Alex", Jr.  22 Apr 191831 Dec 2000Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerAlfred Robert  14 Jan 189615 Sep 1997Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerAmalie 16 Oct 185723 Jun 1873Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerAntje JohannaWillms13 Jul 190419 Aug 1956Trinity Lutheran  
ArhelgerBaby Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerBerthaBehrens28 Jul 187022 Feb 1904Trinity Lutheran  
ArhelgerBertha LydiaKoenig2 Dec 18964 Jul 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerCharles Louis  27 Mar 192826 Mar 2010Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery 
ArhelgerChester Jacob Friedrich 4 Dec 191125 Aug 1913Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerChristina Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerClifton Warren  27 Nov 192131 Oct 2010Texas State Veterans Cemetery at Abilene  
ArhelgerDaniel  17 Feb 18218 Sep 1909Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerEddaHerbort12 Feb 189319 May 1974Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerEdward 19 Jan 18557 Mar 1941Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerEdward Edwin "Ed", Sr. 9 Apr 190114 Nov 1977Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerElise 9 Mar 189816 May 1900Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerElizabethMueller9 Oct 179413 Feb 1861Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerElla 27 Sep 18863 Sep 1972Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerEmil Louis 27 Aug 189622 Sep 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerEmma Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerEmmaKnoche21 Oct 18621 Jul 1944Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerEmmaCrenwelge22 Feb 192921 Nov 2009Cremated 
ArhelgerEmma Katherina 26 Jan 18958 Mar 1988Trinity Lutheran   
ArhelgerErnst Ludwig, Pastor 4 Feb 189930 Dec 1993Trinity Lutheran   
ArhelgerFrederick William 24 Feb 186617 Oct 1949Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerFriedrich 17 Apr 18638 Jan 1961Trinity Lutheran  
ArhelgerHeinrich 17 Mar 183314 Feb 1863Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerHeinrich Christian "Henry" 11 Jun 186315 Jul 1952Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerHortenseSchoenewolf17 Aug 190530 Jan 1979Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerHulda AugustaHeimann4 Feb 189523 Dec 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerIdaCornilius7 Jul 186125 Nov 1925Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerJacob 31 Mar 181710 Dec 1894Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerJohann Jakob "Jakob" 16 Mar 179630 Jul 1857Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerKarolinaStahl17 Apr 183513 Sep 1880Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerKatharineGruen15 Sep 18421 Oct 1903Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerLillian D. 26 Mar 190721 Jun 1931Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerLouis 1 Jan 185612 Mar 1937Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerLouiseDuecker26 Nov 186224 Mar 1931Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerLouiseLudwig25 Dec 188621 Dec 1955Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerMarieNagel13 Aug 187113 Feb 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerMathildaWeber18 Jan 186716 Nov 1957Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerMax 11 Nov 18964 Oct 1981Trinity Lutheran  
ArhelgerOtto 8 Apr 190126 Jan 1981Greenwood Cemetery  
ArhelgerPeter, Jr. 15 Jul 198815 Jul 1988Friedrich Family Cemetery  
ArhelgerPresley Jay, Sr.  5 Dec 193026 Mar 2016St. Peter Lutheran Church 
ArhelgerRobert, Sr. 12 Mar 186130 Sep 1933Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerRobert, Jr. 11 Dec 188824 Jul 1951Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArhelgerRuby EstherReichenau15 Feb 19175 Mar 2007Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerRuby JosephineRoeder2 Jan 191719 Nov 1993Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerSelma 18 Dec 190326 Mar 2001Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerValesca 20 Jun 18985 Dec 1918Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArhelgerWerner W. 1 Oct 19054 Jan 1968Greenwood Cemetery 
ArhelgerWilhelm "William", Sr.  6 Apr 183820 Dec 1918Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArhelgerWinfried Kenneth 19 Aug 193026 Dec 1974Trinity Lutheran  
ArhelgerZelma A.Palmer13 Apr 190630 Sep 1987Greenwood Cemetery  
AriagaFrancisco V.  10 Oct 19256 Feb 2003Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
AriasIvette 1 Oct 19916 Oct 1991St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
ArizolaAristeo 3 Sep 19208 Jan 1994Greenwood Cemetery  
ArizolaBalentina 21 May 190012 Mar 1975Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaE. V. 3 Aug 192814 Mar 1952Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)  
ArizolaElviraContreras13 Apr 193927 Oct 2009Cremated 
ArizolaFeliberto 16 Aug 194222 Mar 1969Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaFrancesAleman22 Aug 19227 Oct 1999Greenwood Cemetery  
ArizolaGregorio C. "Goyo" 25 May 194730 Apr 2004Greenwood Cemetery 
ArizolaHenry  20 Feb 194416 Jul 2018Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's)
ArizolaJoe Robert 10 Jul 196011 Jul 1960Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaJuan Jose 20 Oct 193220 Dec 1961Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaJulieMoreno17 Aug 194018 Jan 2016St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
ArizolaMary Olga 11 Jul 1969Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaRobert Desmond "Bobby" 25 Mar 19661 Feb 1991St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ArizolaRoberto Cantu "Robert" 6 Jun 19404 Mar 2008St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ArizolaRosalie 28 Oct 195931 Oct 1959Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArizolaThomas Cantu 23 Oct 193429 Nov 2020Greenwood Cemetery 
ArizolaTomas 21 Dec 18915 Sep 1965Our Lady of Guadalupe (St. Mary's) 
ArlittAugust Carl "A. C." 27 Sep 188118 Jun 1961Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArlittBruno 3 Feb 18934 Mar 1980Greenwood Cemetery  
ArlittDorothy A.Isleib1 Aug 19375 Jul 2012Greenwood Cemetery 
ArlittEmma LouiseRoth31 Dec 18901 Dec 1968Greenwood Cemetery 
ArlittEmma MarieConrad8 Sep 188118 Dec 1969Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArlittHenry A.  26 Jul 191710 Apr 1992Greenwood Cemetery  
ArlittHoward Louis 10 Jan 19379 Mar 2013Greenwood Cemetery  
ArlittHugo Leo 3 Jan 19209 Jan 1996Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArlittLouise LydiaWeber15 Dec 191723 Apr 2006Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArlittLoydale Louise 25 Aug 195426 Dec 1955Greenwood Cemetery 
ArlittRubyPriess29 Apr 192225 Aug 2012Greenwood Cemetery 
ArlittTheodore Gustav "Ted" 23 Mar 19088 Jun 1991Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArlittVera MinnieCornehl23 Sep 192411 Mar 2014Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArltAlfred abt 18041875Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArltAugust F., Jr. 7 Jun 188616 Jul 1970Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArltAugust Julius 19 Mar 184119 Mar 1927Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArltAugust William "Booby" 9 May 19189 Aug 1993Greenwood Cemetery  
ArltDoratheaNitzschke17 Jan 18148 Nov 1906Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArltFritzie 27 Nov 19163 Dec 1916Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArltHermann 16 Aug 186725 Jun 1930Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArltKathrinaTatsch4 Feb 185413 Feb 1911Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArltLenaBernhard25 Aug 18916 Oct 1974Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArltLeo 11 Jan 193114 Jan 1931Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArltMary HelenSchmitz29 Dec 19383 May 1992Greenwood Cemetery  
ArmentroutNell MinervaKarcher30 Aug 191431 May 2003Greenwood Cemetery  
ArmentroutWilliam Hubert "Bill", Sr.  24 Dec 191116 Jul 2009Greenwood Cemetery   
ArmkeFreddie Clyde  12 Jul 192526 Mar 2015Rocky Creek Cemetery
ArmkeJoyce DeanNowotny31 Jan 193015 Dec 2011Rocky Creek Cemetery 
ArmstrongAlfred Lewis "Al" 18 Oct 193416 Jun 2017Harper Community Cemetery  
ArmstrongBilly Ronald "Flash"  24 Jan 19451 May 2010Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
ArmstrongCliff Ansel  4 Mar 194926 Oct 2009Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
ArmstrongHelenRischner1 Nov 19268 Feb 2012Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArmstrongJames Lou Allen "Jim"  23 Mar 192325 Apr 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArmstrongMichael Darrell "Coach"  26 Oct 194617 Jan 2014Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArmstrongRonald Ray  26 Mar 19514 Jun 2013Der Stadt Friedhof   
ArmstrongWilliam Ralph "Bill"  11 Mar 19384 Nov 2008Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery  
ArnettMabel FrancesCarpenter8 Jun 19225 Aug 1998Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
ArnettOra Rosco  1 Nov 19257 Aug 1997Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
ArnoldAnita BelleRoyall5 Apr 192928 Apr 2020Greenwood Cemetery
ArnoldJames Robert 29 Oct 191325 May 1990Greenwood Cemetery  
AronsGlennis EvaWillbern28 Jan 194331 Mar 2013Harper Community Cemetery 
ArredondoJoseph 13 Sep 199713 Sep 1997St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery 
ArreolaGustavo Lopez 9 Jun 195715 Mar 2010St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ArreuallaAngela 2 Jul 189120 May 1987Gillespie County Cemetery  
ArringtonEgon 5 Jul 18956 May 1987Der Stadt Friedhof  
ArringtonMeta L.Krieger2 Apr 188817 Feb 1976Der Stadt Friedhof 
ArtenianMichael Isaac 19 Feb 19315 Dec 2016St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
ArthinCatherine BriggetClarke9 Oct 192015 Dec 2000St. Anthony's Catholic 
AschenbrenerLeonard Rudolph  14 Jun 19342 Dec 2018St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AschenbrenerMary GraceHeck10 Oct 193523 Jul 2017St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
AshbyMichele Lea 9 Dec 19811 Apr 2019Der Stadt Friedhof 
AskewAlfred Chichester 20 Jun 190622 Apr 1993Johnson Family Cemetery  
AskewMargaret Dorothea "Dorothea"Bright6 Jun 191230 Jan 2010Johnson Family Cemetery   
AtheyMaude 8 Feb 190219 Oct 1984Gillespie County Cemetery 
AtkinsSylvia AudreyCraig8 Dec 19448 May 1997Greenwood Cemetery  
AurandAnna E.Wickel12 Jul 18042 Dec 1878Der Stadt Friedhof  
AustinHarold Truett  17 Mar 192216 Jan 2012Not stated / Unknown 
AustinMaryBrooks14 Apr 192211 Mar 2009Cremated 
AustinMelwyn Dean "Dean"  2 Sep 19228 Sep 1988Trinity Lutheran   
AustinRuth EmilieMeier25 Jul 192927 Dec 2011Trinity Lutheran  
AutreyNellie G.Fairchild8 Aug 189114 Aug 1953Harper Community Cemetery  
AutryJoAnnDuecker11 Sep 193817 Jan 2003Willow City   
AuvenshineAnnetteSchroeder29 Oct 195121 Dec 2008Greenwood Cemetery 
AvantAlbert Jackson "Jack"  22 Sep 192524 Mar 2014Greenwood Cemetery  
AvantLorene Martha HuldaDietrich8 Oct 192610 Feb 2019Greenwood Cemetery 
AvantSusan 19 Oct 196519 Oct 1965Greenwood Cemetery 
AvelarTheresaRomo1 Feb 18857 Aug 1978Gillespie County Cemetery 
AverettJames Harvey "Jim"  29 Nov 19466 Nov 2020Not stated / Unknown 
AveryHomer James "James"  7 Dec 192130 Apr 2018Not stated / Unknown
AveryKenneth Croff 23 Jul 190813 Apr 2002Greenwood Cemetery  
AvisD. E., Mrs. Noxville Cemetery
AvisD. E., Mr. Noxville Cemetery
AwaltArlos L. "Curly"  31 Oct 19252 Oct 2012Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
AycockLeon 2 Apr 190212 Sep 1904Willow City  
AycoxRitaKlein17 Feb 191928 Nov 1978Stonewall Community Cemetery 
AyresJames Cyrus 28 May 18891 Jan 1977Greenwood Cemetery 
AyresMary Jewel 15 Apr 190210 Jun 1985Greenwood Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
Place mouse cursor over next to Veteran's name to see the service information. The service information may include a reference to a book which is from the master index of Veterans at the Gillespie Co. Courthouse
Place mouse cursor over next to the cemetery name to see the plot identifier when available. See Cemetery Information page for link to map of cemetery sections.
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