'I' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
IbarguenHerstIrene R.17 Sep 19166 May 2002Greenwood Cemetery   
IcetLindigAdell N.20 Apr 189831 Dec 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
IckeHohmannElsa Lilly "Elsie"12 Mar 19003 Sep 1981Greenwood Cemetery   
IhdeFilterSophia24 Feb 184815 Dec 1904Der Stadt Friedhof  
IlfreyPageAgnes Elizabeth5 Nov 190321 Jan 1999Greenwood Cemetery   
ImhoffFranzEmma21 Jun 185828 Jul 1930Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffKneeseHulda30 Mar 186931 May 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffMurrayLydia25 Aug 186112 Nov 1929Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImhoffKneeseWilhelmine "Minna"11 Jun 185316 Jan 1940Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelWahrmundAlbertine Wilhelmina21 Dec 192314 Jan 2011Greenwood Cemetery  
ImmelHeepAnna10 Oct 187220 Dec 1951St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
ImmelWoernerCecilia Amanda3 Jun 19051 Sep 1994Der Stadt Friedhof   
ImmelGriffinElise19 Oct 18983 Feb 1984Greenwood Cemetery   
ImmelJostElsie Emilie "Elsa"22 Jan 189916 May 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelBakerEstella25 Apr 190710 Feb 1988Der Stadt Friedhof   
ImmelMorrisLucille14 Sep 192417 Apr 2008Trinity Lutheran  
ImmelDanzMinna12 May 187713 Aug 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
ImmelEckhardtOlivia T.4 Apr 190521 Mar 2003Trinity Lutheran   
ImmelScharnhorstSelma17 Aug 18993 Dec 1985Der Stadt Friedhof   
IngenhuettKoenneckeBertha20 Jul 18998 Oct 1978Der Stadt Friedhof  
IngramFowlerPatricia Ellen "Pat"18 Mar 192228 Jan 1984St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
InnissBurleighMargaret "Peggy"10 Apr 19238 Sep 2008Greenwood Cemetery  
InscoreMarkwordtGertrude E. "Gertie"4 Jan 189531 May 1969Harper Community Cemetery 
IrvinHollandMary "Molly"18413 Dec 1919Willow City  
IsabelEnderlinDemetria A. "Shorty"22 Feb 19466 May 1991Greenwood Cemetery  
IscharHohmannKatie Lydia1 Aug 190122 Sep 1991St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
IschnerWilkeAmalie Henriette Dorothea18 Jun 18339 Feb 1913Wilke Family Cemetery  
IsleibArlittDorothy Alice1 Aug 19375 Jul 2012Greenwood Cemetery 
ItzSchererAlma Clara26 May 190510 Dec 1989Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzKeeseAnita5 Oct 191128 Mar 1995Greenwood Cemetery   
ItzZeschAugusta1 Jul 189828 Jul 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzLehneCora Ella20 Feb 19038 Aug 1997Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzBirckDarleen25 Oct 194423 Aug 2016St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
ItzSultemeierEarline Marion24 Feb 193525 Aug 1992Post Oak Community Cemetery   
ItzTreibsElsie21 May 191029 Jun 2001Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzWalterEmilie15 Nov 185723 Jan 1901St. John's Lutheran Church 
ItzBauerEmily15 Oct 190216 Mar 1988Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzWertheimEmma6 May 186613 Jun 1963Greenwood Cemetery  
ItzKlinglerGertrude28 Jan 190411 Aug 1995Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzWillmannHelen30 Jul 19133 Feb 1996Greenwood Cemetery   
ItzTreibsHenriette Margaret30 Jun 19064 Jan 1975Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzKlettIrene Ella4 Feb 19096 Mar 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzWendelJohanna26 Oct 19169 Dec 2014Harper Community Cemetery  
ItzBaethgeLilly Ida26 Jun 190331 Aug 1992Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzCrenwelgeLorine Elsa2 Aug 192211 Sep 2017Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzCrenwelgeLouise Sarah11 Mar 19178 Feb 1993Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery   
ItzKuhlmannLucille Dorothy12 May 192026 Dec 2003Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzLoefflerMeta8 Jan 189220 Apr 1987Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzZennerMildred Anida23 Mar 192618 Jul 2004St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
ItzBernhardNorma27 Oct 191117 Jul 2002Harper Community Cemetery   
ItzHeinPaula24 Aug 19271 Jun 2015Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzEversPauline27 Jun 184010 Apr 1926Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzJungPhillipine27 Jan 182729 Jul 1905Der Stadt Friedhof  
ItzBodeRuth13 Sep 19199 Nov 2020Harper Community Cemetery  
ItzMeierSarah24 Jan 189818 May 1983Trinity Lutheran  
ItzHutchesonVerdie Adela5 Dec 192923 Jan 1987Der Stadt Friedhof   
ItzFaughtVernell Ella5 Dec 192924 Sep 2015St. Peter Lutheran Church  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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