'N' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
NabersMooreMamie Ethel "Ethel"4 Jul 188817 Oct 1970Harper Community Cemetery 
NabingerMullerVirginia E.6 Nov 193019 Feb 1981Greenwood Cemetery   
NaegelinKneupperElizabeth Ruby24 Nov 192512 Jun 1974St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery  
NagelPowellErna4 Nov 191929 Dec 1996St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 
NagelEnderlinGretchen19 Apr 19064 Sep 1993Der Stadt Friedhof   
NagelArhelgerMarie13 Aug 187113 Feb 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
NagelMcCoyMarjorie Mae11 Jul 19233 Aug 1988Greenwood Cemetery  
NaunheimWilderElizabeth24 Jan 191420 Jan 2007Greenwood Cemetery  
NauwaldRileyBertha28 Nov 188312 Jun 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
NauwaldGottDora16 Feb 187926 Feb 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
NauwaldSchaeferElla Martha9 Dec 188030 Sep 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
NauwaldSchrammLena17 Aug 18748 Aug 1902Der Stadt Friedhof  
NauwaldMoselMinna23 Oct 186830 Jun 1935Der Stadt Friedhof  
NauwaldToepperweinSophie Amelia21 Jul 18768 Oct 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
NayrdWalkerRebecca19 Dec 180217 Jan 1884Comanche Cemetery  
NealColbathMary Martha17 Mar 183031 Oct 1901Christadelphian Cemetery  
NebgenRossAgnes Ella17 Dec 192616 Jun 2019Stonewall Community Cemetery 
NebgenJenschkeAlvine20 Dec 18832 Mar 1931St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenMaurerDelka "Olga"16 Nov 18968 Jul 1983St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NebgenPehlElizabeth28 May 187825 May 1963St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenJenschkeElla Maria11 Aug 188618 Apr 1969St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenPehlEmma19 Jul 18972 May 1945St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenJacobyEmma M.13 Sep 188816 Jun 1967St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenGronaErline Alvira25 Nov 192813 Mar 2020St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenKlierEstella11 Nov 192419 Jan 2022Greenwood Cemetery  
NebgenKunzFranceska8 Sep 18801 Mar 1972St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenSegnerIda12 Aug 189113 Dec 1984St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NebgenPehlMaria J22 Jan 18866 Dec 1959St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NebgenPehlOlga23 Sep 190212 Jun 1983St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NebgenKleinOtilia13 Oct 18938 Apr 1979Stonewall Community Cemetery 
NebgenPehlRosa6 Oct 189529 Apr 1975St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NeffPresslerWilla Jean "Jean"26 Oct 192312 Jan 2018Greenwood Cemetery  
NeffendorfDurstAugusta7 Aug 186216 Apr 1920Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfDrydenBernice Ruth1 Oct 19346 Dec 2021Friedrich Family Cemetery  
NeffendorfRessmannBertha23 Sep 186818 Mar 1958Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfAndereggEdna1 Sep 189219 Aug 1968Dietrich Rode 
NeffendorfGerloffEdna Clara Selma5 Nov 192028 Aug 2006Greenwood Cemetery  
NeffendorfRollElsie Beatrice29 Jan 19181 Aug 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfSpenrathIrene Caroline28 Sep 192311 Jun 2016Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfFeugeKatie9 Jul 192022 Jan 1977Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfHirschMary, Mother20 Apr 185116 Mar 1920Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfRaheOttilie Katherine "Tillie"1 Feb 190524 Nov 1992Greenwood Cemetery   
NeffendorfRodeSelma17 Jan 189421 Nov 1965St. Peter Lutheran Church  
NeffendorfHertelVera E.15 Jan 192431 Jan 2012Friedrich Family Cemetery  
NeffendorfKneeseVera Louise6 Nov 192613 Jul 2019Der Stadt Friedhof  
NeffendorfWoernerZelima28 Nov 189716 Feb 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
NehrHainesAlexandra A.30 Oct 190224 Mar 1979Der Stadt Friedhof  
NehrKastCharlotte Mina Alberta4 Jun 191220 Mar 1994Der Stadt Friedhof   
NehrGattisChristine Edna25 Dec 19182 Mar 2001Der Stadt Friedhof   
NehrNeffendorfIrene Meta18 Nov 19258 Mar 2021Greenwood Cemetery  
NehrRoederLena Auguste10 Jun 190718 Apr 2002Greenwood Cemetery   
NelsonSanfordLaura Viola10 Apr 192329 Nov 2003Greenwood Cemetery  
NelsonStevensMary Elizabeth5 Oct 185614 Jul 1939Harper Community Cemetery 
NemecLuedeckeAnna22 Jul 193825 Apr 2019St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 
NemkeyKlaernerAmanda Mae28 Jan 19144 Jul 2006Der Stadt Friedhof   
NemkeyManglbergerIda22 May 1891Nov 1962Der Stadt Friedhof  
NemkyHenkeLina22 Sep 187825 Dec 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
NemkyDurstOlga Lena16 Apr 190427 Dec 1995Der Stadt Friedhof   
NesbitTyborRita Marie10 Aug 191723 Oct 2006St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NesbittSchuetteLydabel Mary "Lottie"30 Mar 192530 Dec 1991St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NeumannLangeOlivia Bertha14 Sep 191619 Jan 2000Wilke Family Cemetery   
NeumannRuscheSophie15 Jul 183225 Jan 1893Rusche Cemetery  
NeurothWallendorfAnna12 Mar 18608 Dec 1926St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NewSimmangKatherine "Katie"9 Oct 189324 May 1984Harper Community Cemetery 
NewigAhrensCarolina "Karoline"30 Jan 18423 Mar 1912Ahrens Cemetery # 2 
NewmanMcWilliamsGrace27 Nov 191918 Mar 2006Greenwood Cemetery  
NewmanHitzfeldImogene29 Oct 192622 Jan 2012Der Stadt Friedhof   
NewtonSpringallBessie11 Jan 187618 Aug 1954Greenwood Cemetery  
NewtonBlanchardEarle Wilhelmine17 Dec 18978 Feb 1988St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NicholsMontgomeryCarolyn Elizabeth23 Feb 19318 Sep 2020Greenwood Cemetery  
NicholsNovianMary Lorene "Lorene"20 Aug 191630 Sep 1993Greenwood Cemetery   
NicholsDunnMaude Olive "Ollie"7 Dec 18888 Jan 1960Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NicholsSimondsMeeky Thelma "Thelma"4 Aug 189711 Aug 1989Greenwood Cemetery   
NickelStahlHenriette7 Jul 182112 Jun 1897St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
NielsenMeierDora Alma22 Apr 192229 Nov 2015Wilke Family Cemetery  
NielsenBehrensMaria "Mary"24 Aug 188421 Mar 1965Trinity Lutheran  
NielsenBarschNora Marren17 Dec 19009 Mar 1933Trinity Lutheran  
NielsenWeinheimerOphelia Nora21 Dec 191226 Oct 2002Der Stadt Friedhof   
NietenhoeferMcMeansEthel Marie26 Apr 193118 Dec 2015Der Stadt Friedhof   
NietertDickieBessie W.4 Dec 188525 Mar 1982Greenwood Cemetery   
NimitzNauwaldAnna Marie Bertha "Bertha"3 Nov 185030 Oct 1933Der Stadt Friedhof  
NimitzMeusebachLina24 Feb 186219 Jan 1952Der Stadt Friedhof  
NimitzWahrmundMeta13 Dec 18677 Sep 1903Der Stadt Friedhof  
NitscheMoellendorfStella27 Jul 192425 Jun 1989Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
NitzschkeArltDorathea17 Jan 18148 Nov 1906Der Stadt Friedhof  
NixBarhamMargaret Caroline "Coy"2 May 189910 May 1978Greenwood Cemetery  
NixonHarrellAlma14 Apr 188015 Nov 1938Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NixonMcDougallBessie Emma22 Feb 18915 Oct 1968Harper Community Cemetery 
NixonStrackbeinCornelia12 Dec 18483 Apr 1914Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NixonStrackbeinElnora Fay18 Dec 191912 Dec 2012Harper Community Cemetery  
NixonSchroederGrace Margaret22 Oct 191128 Apr 1989Greenwood Cemetery   
NixonBaethgeJohanna "Hannah"17 Feb 18663 Sep 1957Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NixonWhiteheadMildred Cornelia8 Mar 191727 Feb 2011Greenwood Cemetery  
NixonGibsonMinna C.8 May 18836 Dec 1965Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NixonBaethgeMinnie12 May 190323 Mar 1977Squaw Creek Cemetery  
NockerBaethgeAleene Renne6 May 19329 Dec 1989Greenwood Cemetery   
NoelCampbellLoes Margaret "Ricky"6 Oct 19278 Sep 2014Greenwood Cemetery  
NorrisSchumanPatricia Meredith29 Mar 193113 Oct 2001St. Barnabas Columbarium  
NorthBarrowsGlenyth Kay14 Aug 195324 Dec 2010Greenwood Cemetery  
NorwoodWarnerArabilla Josephine "Josephine"14 Apr 184016 Jan 1920Young's Chapel  
NovianStaudtAlma A.4 Apr 190422 Jan 1992St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NovianJentryAnita Ida16 Feb 191715 Mar 2011St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NovianPetermannAnnaabt 187417 Dec 1893St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NovianDegelEdna Clara Marie16 Mar 19188 May 1979St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NovianLangehennigElvira "Puddles"19 Jul 192617 Jul 2010Der Stadt Friedhof   
NovianBrunsEmilie Maria24 Jun 19029 May 1974St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NovianSchlueterLaura2 May 190124 Dec 1993Der Stadt Friedhof   
NovianTinneyLonie10 Feb 192426 May 1996St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
NovianWallendorfLorine5 Aug 191226 Aug 2009Greenwood Cemetery  
NovianMoldenhauerMargaret Auguste28 Mar 19268 Jun 1964Greenwood Cemetery  
NovianKnocheMaria "Mary"12 Mar 186925 Mar 1939Der Stadt Friedhof  
NovianPetschSelma Anna29 Nov 190614 Feb 1989St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NowakFrankeHelen T.9 May 193513 Jul 1976St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
NowotnyArmkeJoyce Dean31 Jan 193015 Dec 2011Rocky Creek Cemetery  
NugentBrownShannon Marie5 Mar 19773 Dec 2017Der Stadt Friedhof  
NuinezDuderstadtMary Olivia12 Feb 188719 Oct 1964Harper Community Cemetery  
NunezCedilloMaria "Mary"29 Dec 191927 Jun 1981St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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