'O' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
OatmanBeardsleeJewell Clara19 Jan 19163 Dec 2004Christadelphian Cemetery 
ObenchainWhetstoneWinona Lee30 Mar 188026 Oct 1955Noxville Cemetery
ObenhinStaudtBertha Rose16 May 190029 Jan 1976St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
OberonKleinRose Mae12 Nov 191419 May 1998St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
O'BrienRussellRuth Anne "Anne"26 Jul 19203 Dec 2004St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
OchsMeyerCharlotte6 Jan 185119 May 1936Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsVander StuckenElla30 May 188211 Dec 1920Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsTreibsEmilie C.8 Apr 18652 Mar 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsBoosKaroline10 Feb 183618 Jan 1908Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsSchuchMaria Katharina4 Sep 182216 Jan 1913Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsErnstOlga Catharine23 Jul 18896 Feb 1965St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
OchsThieleRegina Elise4 Dec 185523 Jan 1930Der Stadt Friedhof  
OchsSchneiderSusanna C. C.26 Sep 189418 Apr 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
O'ConnellCoffmanBessie Myrtle25 Jan 188511 Dec 1981St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
OdiorneMooreElizabeth Jane2 Oct 185718 Jan 1955Willow City   
OehlerHartmannAlma C.18 Mar 189512 Feb 1933Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerWendelAlma Emma Agatha3 May 189229 Feb 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
OehlerMcDougallAmalia Christine14 Apr 18928 Jul 1963Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerHartmannAmalia Mathilda12 Sep 189411 Oct 1986Der Stadt Friedhof   
OehlerNemkyAnna7 Jan 187026 May 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerRodeChristina4 May 18603 Apr 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerAlbertClara23 Jul 192122 Feb 2007Greenwood Cemetery  
OehlerGoeweDebra Ann19 Apr 19443 Feb 1994Greenwood Cemetery  
OehlerGoehmannEdna1 Jan 18925 Oct 1981Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerKasperElla Mae B.1 Nov 19163 Oct 2000Greenwood Cemetery  
OehlerGrobeEmma4 Apr 188927 Sep 1971Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerHartmannErna M.22 Apr 18977 Feb 1989St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
OehlerPetschEvelyn Edna5 Nov 19318 Feb 2005St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
OehlerHohmannGottliebe18661889Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerItzIda21 Apr 188320 Mar 1976Harper Community Cemetery 
OehlerSchaeferIda N.13 Jul 190120 Apr 1967Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerOttmersIrene12 Nov 192126 Jan 2013Greenwood Cemetery
OehlerBeyerKarolina11 Oct 18607 Oct 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerDueckerLillie5 Jul 189623 Apr 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
OehlerSultemeierLilly "Lillie"21 Jan 191421 Mar 2004Der Stadt Friedhof   
OehlerStaatsMalinda Anna24 Jul 189712 Nov 1988Der Stadt Friedhof   
OehlerWeberMathilda Pauline14 Jul 187212 Jan 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerPetermannOlga24 Feb 189315 Mar 1987Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerSagebielPauline Ida9 May 191813 Apr 1972Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerGoehmannRosa Bertha Hulda8 Feb 19051 May 1938Der Stadt Friedhof 
OehlerItzRuby Dora7 Mar 191719 Mar 1990St. Peter Lutheran Church   
OehlerKoenigSophie31 Oct 18807 Jul 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
OehlerAhrensVera Gertrude5 Apr 191516 Sep 1991Greenwood Cemetery  
OestreichBrunsAmanda2 Mar 188718 Mar 1924Der Stadt Friedhof  
OestreichNemkeyBertha3 May 189424 Dec 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
OestreichOestreichCora L8 Sep 18884 Aug 1961Greenwood Cemetery  
OestreichMiillerErna14 Mar 189430 Aug 1956Greenwood Cemetery 
OestreichTreibsHedwig A.27 Dec 191010 Aug 1999Greenwood Cemetery   
OestreichSimonLouise25 Dec 185017 Mar 1928Der Stadt Friedhof  
OestreichNixonLouise Minnie 2 Jul 19236 Jan 2005Squaw Creek Cemetery 
OestreichHonigMyrtle Louise4 Feb 193125 Aug 1979Greenwood Cemetery 
OestreichNagelRena28 Feb 19127 Mar 1980Greenwood Cemetery   
OetzelRoarickMary E6 Mar 192126 Nov 2006Greenwood Cemetery 
OfferKleinMyrtle S.7 Apr 192627 May 1981St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
OhlenburgerPehlHenrietta "Etta"31 Dec 19146 Dec 2012St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum   
O'LaughlinOberhelmanEvelyn18 Aug 192625 Sep 2019St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum 
OlfersOttmersAnna19 Feb 18777 Nov 1947St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
OlfersBraeutigamCora Thekla30 Aug 19068 Jun 2001Greenwood Cemetery  
OlfersMeyerHilda14 Nov 191125 Aug 2009Greenwood Cemetery 
OlfersGoldIda6 Dec 187915 Nov 1959St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
OlfersOttmersMary Valentina6 Feb 18817 Mar 1966St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
OlfersEnderlinViola Paula3 Oct 190714 Mar 2002Grapetown Cemetery  
OlginCruzAntonia Refugio30 Nov 1872St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery  
OlneySmithVera Ethel6 Dec 190816 Apr 1995Greenwood Cemetery  
OntiverozRiveraManuela O13 Feb 192410 Aug 1994St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
OpitzHennersdorfJohanna8 Feb 182714 Dec 1901Der Stadt Friedhof 
O'QuinnKutzerMarla Jan18 Nov 195325 Aug 2017Greenwood Cemetery
OrmondKellerClara24 Jan 189121 Feb 1960St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
OrtegonBrowningNellie13 Oct 19449 Mar 1997St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
OsborneRoddyGeneva Mae7 Apr 192324 Feb 2015Greenwood Cemetery 
OschmannNebgenCatherinaStonewall Community Cemetery 
OschmannDittmarElizabeth10 Dec 18005 Apr 1876Dittmar Cemetery
OsmentMooreVandivere E. "Vandi"1 May 191220 Jan 2005Greenwood Cemetery  
OsterlohNemecPamela13 Sep 194326 Dec 2018St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
OstrowRuskinSylvia11 Jan 190829 Jul 2000Der Stadt Friedhof 
OswaldWhiteMaxine Elizabeth22 Mar 19157 May 2008Greenwood Cemetery 
OttWinkelLizzie27 Mar 18807 Mar 1967Greenwood Cemetery 
OtteJacobyAnna5 May 184918 Sep 1922Stonewall Community Cemetery 
OtteLangerhansCharlotte Dorothea5 Nov 183711 Nov 1917Der Stadt Friedhof   
OtteLorenzClara26 Jul 18883 Jun 1958Der Stadt Friedhof  
OtteBarschEmma O.7 Nov 18865 Oct 1972Der Stadt Friedhof  
OtteLorenzPaula B.24 Mar 189118 Sep 1943Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersSchlaudtAdela3 May 188815 Aug 1950Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersBirckAlbertine Auguste "Teenie"13 Oct 191410 Oct 2008Der Stadt Friedhof   
OttmersJenschkeAnita Ella24 Dec 192223 Nov 2000Stonewall Community Cemetery  
OttmersSchneiderBertha W. C.28 Jun 18704 Nov 1939Wilhelm Schneider Cemetery
OttmersKlierClara18 Jan 188311 Oct 1976Der Stadt Friedhof 
OttmersDurstDaisy Lily3 Mar 188523 Sep 1946Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersStuelerElla4 Jan 188211 Apr 1914St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek 
OttmersSchillingEsther Lydia6 Jun 192825 Dec 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
OttmersSchererHulda10 Mar 187816 Aug 1939St. Paul Lutheran at Cave Creek  
OttmersBrunsIda1 Sep 185826 Jan 1918St. John's Lutheran Church  
OttmersJungKaturah10 Jun 18801 Jan 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersHansenLina2 Dec 188329 Oct 1975Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersDurstMargaret Louise11 Feb 193631 May 2006Greenwood Cemetery 
OttmersWeigandMary Jane4 Sep 19292 Mar 2005Der Stadt Friedhof   
OttmersNovianMinna Meta5 Apr 19159 Jul 2002St. Mary's Memorial Mausoleum 
OttmersHohmannOlga Ottilie2 Apr 190728 Jan 2006Greenwood Cemetery 
OttmersRoosOlivia Louise26 Sep 18872 Apr 1963Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersJacobyPaula Louise4 Nov 191312 Oct 2009Greenwood Cemetery 
OttmersSaengerRosina27 Nov 186314 May 1939Der Stadt Friedhof 
OttmersRollowRuby Sophia28 Nov 191327 Jun 1961St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
OttmersSagebielSophie31 Jan 18569 Jul 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
OttmersSagebielWilhelmine "Mina"20 Jan 185110 Sep 1927Keese-Sagebiel Cemetery
OttmersPetermannWilhelmine Ida "Minnie"21 Jan 18935 Feb 1989Der Stadt Friedhof   
OwenBaethgeBeulah Mae28 Dec 189818 Dec 1968Greenwood Cemetery 
OwenHamiltonDala Dorine20 Dec 192412 Mar 2018Hill Crest Cemetery 
OwenTannerFaye Joann9 Dec 19343 Aug 2013Christadelphian Cemetery 
OwenHoldenMary Laverne1 Jul 190922 Aug 2000Christadelphian Cemetery  
OwenSagebielMaybeth1 Mar 19222 Jul 2007Eckert Community Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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