'U' Surnames

SurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Maiden NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
UdesenJohn Edward  26 Sep 192212 Sep 2010Cremated 
UeckerDavid Neal 24 Oct 195927 Sep 2009Trinity Lutheran  
UeckerDort. Doss 14 Dec 192428 Oct 1938Trinity Lutheran  
UeckerLina LouiseBauer25 Feb 18893 Dec 1984Trinity Lutheran  
UeckerOtto Max 20 Jul 189227 Apr 1962Trinity Lutheran  
UeckerWelmuth Rossll "Buddy"  6 Nov 19286 Jan 2008Trinity Lutheran  
UlbrichtHelmuth "Butch" 23 Oct 19105 Jul 2004St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UlbrichtWallieHeitkamp13 Nov 191324 Mar 2007St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UlbrichtWilma LouiseHolland12 Jul 193030 May 2014Willow City  
Ulrich(female) 14 Oct 193314 Oct 1933St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery 
UlrichOscar Charles  14 Mar 189416 Mar 1957Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
UnderwoodWillis 24 Feb 1897Eckert Community Cemetery 
UpshawWilliam Jerry, Jr.  5 Mar 19424 Jun 2017Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
UrbanecErnaPhilippus23 Dec 190131 Dec 1989Greenwood Cemetery   
UsenerAdolf J. "Adolph" 12 Mar 187718 Dec 1953Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerAdolph Max 4 Aug 185619 Feb 1925Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerAlbert Benjamin 18 Apr 194627 Oct 1996Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerAlfred 16 May 186714 Sep 1928Usener Family 
UsenerAlfred Adolph 5 Jul 18775 Apr 1927Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerAllen Hugo  24 Sep 192625 Jun 2002Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerAlmeta Anna "Uddie"Becker20 Jan 192924 Apr 2004St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UsenerAlvin Edmund 8 Sep 189818 Aug 1983Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerAmanda Anna 4 Aug 190414 Aug 1996Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerAnida Anna ChristineGoewe19 Dec 192014 Aug 1978Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerAnita SophieBernhard6 Sep 19268 Apr 2017Greenwood Cemetery  
UsenerAnnaMeyer2 Mar 187425 Aug 1964Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerAnnaPriess31 Dec 18851 Feb 1967Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerArthur Albert  22 Apr 19223 Jul 2006Hill Crest Cemetery  
UsenerAtley Otto 17 Jul 19278 Nov 2016Greenwood Cemetery  
UsenerAugust 30 Sep 187527 Jan 1945Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerCarl "Charles" 13 May 187010 Mar 1951Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerCarl Gottfried 7 May 180428 Dec 1897Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerClaraDietz7 Aug 189915 May 1971Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerClinton Harry Arthur  28 Nov 19282 Jul 2003Cremated 
UsenerDoraPriess25 Nov 188828 Mar 1972Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerEdgar Louis, Jr. 16 Nov 194112 Dec 2014Not stated / Unknown 
UsenerEdgar Ludwig 22 Feb 19111 Oct 1994Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerElgin Carl August  24 Feb 192425 Mar 1983St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UsenerEliseSchild11 Mar 185617 Aug 1944Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerElise 17 Oct 191117 Oct 1911Der Stadt Friedhof
UsenerElizabethaWeirich16 Sep 18465 Jan 1935Usener Family 
UsenerFrida Attila 13 Sep 188219 Jun 1966Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerGilbert Otto 20 Sep 189925 Feb 1997Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerHarry Herman  22 Aug 189321 Jan 1969Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerHerman 13 Feb 18801 Dec 1954Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerHilda Dora 1 Nov 19189 Nov 1923Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerHilmar Walter 27 Aug 189923 Apr 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerHugo Alexander 27 Jun 18882 Feb 1987Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerIda MarieMoellendorf5 Dec 188522 Dec 1967Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerJacob August 16 Sep 18346 Jun 1889Usener Family 
UsenerKathrine Margarethe "Sophie"Harzfeld6 Sep 181427 Jul 1877Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerLanzo Benjamin, Sr.  25 Oct 189126 Jun 1985Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerLaquita Ann 11 Mar 195912 Mar 1959Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerLars Finn 23 Sep 19684 Oct 2008Greenwood Cemetery  
UsenerLeola "Otsie" 30 Jun 191610 Jan 1938Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerLeroy Alvin  21 Sep 192623 Sep 2014Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerLillieSchmidt2 Mar 188917 Feb 1992Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerLillySchnerr23 Feb 18912 Apr 1977Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerLudwig Wilhelm Theodor Martin 20 Jan 184128 Jun 1930Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerMargaret Elizabeth "Elizabeth"Friedrich4 May 191123 May 1999St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UsenerMax 2 Dec 186823 Feb 1948Usener Family 
UsenerMilton Otto "Mennie" 29 Sep 192024 Sep 1991Greenwood Cemetery   
UsenerOlga EmelieWeirich17 Apr 189618 Oct 1941Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerOtto 2 Sep 188620 Mar 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerPaul Ernst Gilbert 16 Jan 191615 Jun 2011Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerRaymond Eddie  27 Jul 192220 Nov 2006Greenwood Cemetery   
UsenerRoseReeh26 Nov 19146 Oct 1942St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery  
UsenerRuben Alfred Harry  21 Feb 193225 Jan 1998St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery   
UsenerRuth ClaraRode16 Dec 192426 Dec 2020Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerSophieMarschall29 Sep 186331 Jul 1927Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerTelka HerminaLeyendecker31 Aug 192030 Aug 2014Der Stadt Friedhof   
UsenerVictor Karl "Sonny"  27 May 19189 Apr 1957Der Stadt Friedhof  
UsenerWilliam 18751879Usener Family 
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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