'Y' Surnames

SurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Maiden NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
YaegerLouis Gene 4 Apr 193724 May 2013Brice Family Cemetery 
YampolskyLouis 13 Mar 191715 Apr 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
YampolskyLouisa LydiaJost16 Sep 192327 Sep 2021Der Stadt Friedhof   
YanceyClara ElizabethJung16 May 19017 Oct 1984Greenwood Cemetery   
YanceyIlene GraceHill9 May 19271 Feb 2014Greenwood Cemetery  
YanceyJ. B. "Jake", Jr. 9 Apr 19197 Mar 2008Greenwood Cemetery  
YanceyJames Woodman, DDS  28 Jul 18939 Apr 1980Greenwood Cemetery   
Yarborough   Harper Community Cemetery
YearyMary EllaWhitewood16 Aug 191123 Aug 1989Harper Community Cemetery 
YeatsCyrus Wilford "C. W."  30 Jul 193316 Nov 2016Cremated 
YelvertonScott Bryan  6 May 19736 Aug 2013Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
YorkJohn F. 7 Nov 18688 Dec 1886Post Oak Community Cemetery  
YorkMartha Catherine, Mrs.StegallNov 1828Post Oak Community Cemetery  
YoungAda B.Hardin19 May 188711 Oct 1979Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungCarlos Byron "Fox"  17 Jul 192414 Feb 2008Greenwood Cemetery   
YoungCarol JeanKuhlmann1 Oct 195213 Jun 2012Der Stadt Friedhof  
YoungCharles Logan 10 Dec 188212 Jan 1972Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungEugenia GarrettEnglish25 Nov 186030 Nov 1956Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungEunice EdraPrice27 Jan 190528 Jul 1971Hill Crest Cemetery  
YoungFloreine L. 19 Feb 19147 Aug 1932Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungHarold John 6 Jun 18996 Nov 1974Hill Crest Cemetery 
YoungJacob Lafayette "Jake" 19 Dec 191122 Nov 1996Der Stadt Friedhof  
YoungJames 25 Aug 190525 Jun 1949Der Stadt Friedhof 
YoungJefferson Davis 15 Sep 186020 Sep 1946Young's Chapel  
YoungJennie BethelMoore5 Jul 188013 Oct 1968Greenwood Cemetery   
YoungJohn Jackson. 15 Oct 181818 Apr 1893Young's Chapel  
YoungJohn Nelson 17 Nov 184815 Feb 1933Young's Chapel  
YoungLogan  27 Oct 190118 Sep 1965Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
YoungLutitiaFrame1 May 18191 Sep 1899Young's Chapel  
YoungMargaret AnnCrenwelge8 Sep 192313 Jul 2012Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungMary AdelineFreeman9 Jan 185319 Apr 1891Young's Chapel  
YoungMary AgnesKane18961989Harper Community Cemetery 
YoungMary Denise "Denise"Taylor5 Mar 195410 Feb 2015Greenwood Cemetery  
YoungMary Magdalena "Lena"Althaus24 Jan 185514 Mar 1934Young's Chapel  
YoungNarcissa ElizabethMoore11 Oct 18542 Oct 1891Young's Chapel  
YoungPermelia 15 Dec 18472 Nov 1850Zodiac 
YoungPete Clifford  26 Oct 19501 May 2020Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery 
YoungRuby BeatriceKneese20 Jul 191028 Sep 1965Der Stadt Friedhof  
YoungWilliam Harrison  17 Jan 184130 Dec 1935Young's Chapel  
YoungWilliam Homer "Homer" 31 Jan 188022 Jan 1957Greenwood Cemetery   
Youngblood  Youngblood
YoungbloodDwane S.  19 Jan 193414 Mar 2007Eckert Community Cemetery  
YoungbloodGeorge Jackson 18 Jun 19032 Apr 1983Der Stadt Friedhof  
YoungbloodHerman Lossy 27 Feb 195627 Aug 2021Eckert Community Cemetery  
YoungbloodLillie MaeWhite5 Sep 19084 Jun 1987Der Stadt Friedhof   
YoungbloodMargarette L. "Callie"Lewellen21 Mar 193626 Jun 2000Eckert Community Cemetery   
YunkerJoseph Charles  29 Sep 192318 Nov 2004Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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