'Z' Maiden Names

Maiden NameSurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Birth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
ZachariaeAhrensLucy20 Nov 188427 May 1969Greenwood Cemetery 
ZaiontzWalshJeanette Elizabeth11 Sep 193410 Sep 2017Greenwood Cemetery 
ZammertBurrerKatherina24 Jun 184331 Aug 1931Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZammertLangehennigWihelmine24 Sep 184025 Apr 1910Heinrich Langehennig Family
ZaustenskyPophamDorothy M.26 Apr 192613 Feb 1986Grapetown Cemetery  
ZennerDietelAnnie Clara11 May 191813 May 2016St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
ZennerBeckerBarbara181716 Apr 1901St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerFiedlerClara16 Apr 18868 Jul 1930St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerStehlingFlorine Laura "Mutzie"8 Mar 192329 Sep 2003St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerSeeligHelen Elizabeth27 Aug 191013 Jun 2005St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZennerRoederHelene18 Jan 184419 Apr 1893St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerLottIda Clara "Big Mama"9 Nov 191426 Dec 1999St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerRessmannLaura O.1 Oct 18955 Sep 1980St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZennerJuenkeLina Elizabeth28 Oct 187615 May 1961Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZennerKunzLouise Emma12 Mar 192711 Jun 1991St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerRaulzMargaretha25 Jul 18286 Mar 1915St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
ZennerSchanduaMargaretha2 Feb 184916 Jan 1918St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerBaumannMaria "Mary"19 Feb 185626 Jul 1920St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerPetschMarjorie Helen12 Nov 193117 Dec 2001St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerReichenauNorma Alma6 Jan 192521 Jun 1999Greenwood Cemetery  
ZennerReehOlga19 Feb 190513 Sep 1989St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZennerEnderlinRita Ella21 Aug 19213 Oct 2007St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerLarsonSusanna8 Apr 18531 Jun 1915St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZentgrafKallenbergEmma26 Aug 185313 Jun 1896Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZeschMeusebachAgnes Elizabeth "Elizabeth"21 Jan 186214 May 1943Marshall-Meusebach Cemetery
ZeschKleinDulcie Violet3 Nov 19306 Aug 2017Not stated / Unknown
ZeschKleinIrene8 Jan 192617 Nov 1981Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZimmermanStaatsAnnie27 Nov 19147 May 1967Greenwood Cemetery 
ZimmermannDavisEmily Edna "Nutzie"1 May 191214 Oct 1995Greenwood Cemetery  
ZirjacksBeckmannJulia Helen2 Jul 18978 Nov 1991Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZirvasLeyendeckerMaria Magdelina19 Jun 180422 Jul 1873St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery  
ZoellerKordzikMargaret24 Apr 190918 Dec 1992Greenwood Cemetery  
ZuercherStehlingJosephine19 Mar 191015 Jul 2012St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZwernemannJenschkeRuby18 Nov 193231 May 2021St. Mary's Garden Cemetery 
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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