'Z' Surnames

SurnameGiven Names [Veteran]Maiden NameBirth DateDeath DateCemetery [Plot Photo Obituary]
ZabrockyFranz Fricisco 27 Nov 189719 Mar 1968St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZabrockyMartha BerthaWeigend21 Apr 19093 Jun 2004St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZambranoManuel Rivas "Marcelo" 10 Oct 19347 Mar 2012Greenwood Cemetery  
ZamiarEsther RuthRistau15 Jan 19106 Sep 1997Greenwood Cemetery
Zamora David, Sr. 29 Dec 19298 Nov 2007St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZamoraMariaGonzalez20 Nov 193131 Jan 2015St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZantSheila LynnManer1 Dec 19598 Dec 1994Greenwood Cemetery   
ZarazuaElizabethDominguez10 Sep 197423 Feb 2020Greenwood Cemetery  
ZarbockDerrell Eugene 18 Jul 19273 Mar 1980Eckert Community Cemetery  
ZatopekClarence Frank "Spike"  17 Oct 19179 Sep 2013Greenwood Cemetery   
ZatopekFlorenceKuhlmann21 Jan 192713 Nov 2018Greenwood Cemetery  
ZaunerJulius 6 Aug 186213 Oct 1878Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZaustenskyMaryDoebbler1 Oct 189820 Aug 1990Grapetown Cemetery  
ZehnderNorbert Anthony "Buddy", Jr. 1 Feb 193322 Nov 1995St. Barnabas Columbarium  
Zehner-MasonDora Alison "Alison"Griffin15 Nov 192625 Jan 2011Hill Crest Cemetery 
ZeitlerChristian 2 Jan 191229 Jan 1995Greenwood Cemetery   
ZeitlerConrad 6 May 188910 Jun 1983Greenwood Cemetery   
ZeitlerElsie Ida AugustaKunz16 Dec 190421 Apr 1979Greenwood Cemetery  
ZeitlerSarah E.Miller17 Jul 19132 May 1996Greenwood Cemetery   
Zenner(infant) St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery 
ZennerAlfred Peter 1 Apr 188830 Jul 1938St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerAndrew Chester 13 Apr 192322 Oct 1926St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerAnnie LenaRischner14 Jan 19141 Jan 1997St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery   
ZennerArthur August 21 Mar 189217 Jul 1970St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerBerthaMarschall17 Jul 189421 Oct 1997Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZennerCarol BethKraus15 Feb 19395 Apr 2013St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerCatharina "Katherine"Huebscher15 Feb 181529 Jun 1893St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerClaraJordan17 Jan 185012 Mar 1931St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerClaraFiedler9 Feb 188112 Sep 1942St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerDennis Wayne 21 Sep 194416 Jan 2013St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerEmma 6 Nov 189815 Oct 1928St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerErnst Henry 3 Dec 188811 Dec 1983Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZennerEugene William  14 Aug 18949 Dec 1971St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerFelix William 20 Feb 18909 Mar 1933St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerFlorendina E.Jung21 May 18654 Mar 1929St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerFreddie Norman 30 Jan 19536 Jan 1993St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerGeorge 21 Jan 186323 Dec 1943St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerGeorge O 14 Jan 190617 Dec 1963St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerJohn William 27 Feb 19078 Mar 1976St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
ZennerLawrence Oscar, Sr. 22 Aug 191211 Jul 1971St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery  
ZennerLouis Ernst 25 Sep 191025 Jan 1973St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerMargaret MaryWallendorf28 Jun 191127 May 2002St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZennerMathias 31 May 181311 May 1901St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerMichael  13 Mar 195029 Aug 2013Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery  
ZennerMildred AnidaItz23 Mar 192618 Jul 2004St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerMilton Edward 24 Mar 191622 Sep 2010St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerMinna 8 Sep 189110 Aug 1947St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerOlgaMarschall15 Sep 188614 Nov 1935St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerOtillie Mary "Tillie"Loth1 Jul 189513 Oct 1975St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerOtto Frank 2 Oct 18835 Feb 1954St. Mary's Garden Cemetery   
ZennerPeter 28 Aug 184610 Dec 1931St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerRita CatherineWallendorf1 Jun 19194 Sep 2008St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerRobert Arthur "Sonny" 5 Feb 192021 Jan 1995St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerRosa 8 Mar 190113 Nov 1927St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZennerTheklaRischner4 Jul 19188 Sep 1995St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZennerThomas J. "Dixie" 29 Dec 192622 Jul 2012St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery  
ZennerWilliam Peter 5 Mar 187917 Jun 1979St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZepedaAdelia 20 Jun 190913 Nov 1994Gillespie County Cemetery  
ZepedaZobek Tyrone, Sr. 29 Aug 198725 Feb 2009St. Mary's Memorial Garden Cemetery   
ZeschAugustaItz1 Jul 189828 Jul 1974Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZeschPaul Leo 17 May 189422 Mar 1963Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZeschRoschette Herman  24 Jun 192312 Mar 1980Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZessArleenParent19 May 192728 Dec 1992Greenwood Cemetery  
ZessEarl Fred  14 Sep 19262 Dec 1982Greenwood Cemetery   
ZettnerKatharina "Katie"Wenzel4 Feb 184829 Mar 1905Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZeyCynthia Sue "Sue"Milam21 Oct 194522 Sep 2005Greenwood Cemetery  
ZeyDorothy KayDuderstadt19 Oct 193714 Jan 2023Greenwood Cemetery 
ZielkeCatherine 30 Jul 1862St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery  
ZimmerAnna Maria 24 Sep 186925 Oct 1908Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZimmerKathrinaGammenthaler1843abt 1894Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZimmermanMary MagdaleneWeigel21 Dec 193321 Mar 2007Willow City   
ZimmermanVirgil Lee "Zip"  20 Apr 193310 Aug 2006Willow City   
ZimmermannLouiseBalajka28 Jul 19116 Apr 2006Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZimmermannMaria 5 Oct 1861St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery  
ZimmermannOtto 8 Apr 18598 Dec 1930Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZimmermannOtto 12 Jul 191220 Jul 1990Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZimmermannQuintellaLees16 Apr 192421 Jun 1996Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZimmermannReinhard Herbert "Rinie"  25 Aug 191813 Jun 2014Der Stadt Friedhof   
ZimmermannWayne Louis  18 Apr 19391 Feb 2023Not stated / Unknown 
Zimmermann KensingLenaHahn8 Jun 187419 Aug 1949Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZinckeAugust 20 Nov 185717 May 1938Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZinckeHuldaMeckel11 Jan 186414 Feb 1951Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZinckeWalter 17 Jul 188823 Oct 1888Der Stadt Friedhof  
ZinsmeisterPaul Douglas  20 Sep 196520 Jan 2003St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery  
ZintgraffFred John "Fritz"  24 Sep 191123 Sep 1998Greenwood Cemetery   
ZoellerLaura Jean 26 Jul 196026 Jul 1960St. Mary's Garden Cemetery  
ZulloMichael C. 26 Aug 196023 Feb 2013St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery 
ZwernemannEdwin George "Ed" 18 Oct 193517 May 2008Greenwood Cemetery  
ZwernemannEdwin Robert 20 Dec 19068 May 1993Greenwood Cemetery   
ZwernemannLydia MarieMynar23 Sep 190825 Apr 1984Greenwood Cemetery   
(1) Name and birth date are on tombstone but no death date, therefore the individual may still be living.
(2) Death date is known, however it is only available in a published form from the cemetery contact.
The information for some individuals has been supplemented by information from cemetery records, church records, death certificates, county vital records, obituaries, etc.
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