How to determine where graves are located in the Der Stadt Friedhof

Some graves in Der Stadt Friedhof have the icon, , appearing next to the cemetery name. When the mouse hovers over this icon, the Plot ID will appear. For any grave in this cemetery, the Plot ID will contain the section letter, row number and grave number.

Write down or remember the Plot ID - in this example A, 02, 23.
The cemetery name is a hyperlink to additional information for that cemetery.

Click on Der Stadt Friedhof.
The Cemetery Information page will appear for Der Stadt Friedhof.

Click on the hyperlink, Link to aerial map that appears to the right of Google Maps. This will take you to a customized page on the Google web site.
This customized web page lists the various sections used to identify grave locations on the left side.

On the right side is the actual aerial map of Der Stadt Friedhof.
In our example, the grave is located at section A, row 02, grave 23.

Click on Section A.

The corresponding section will be identified on the map to the right.

These graves, as in most cemeteries, face east. So row 1 is the western-most in a section. In each row, the graves are numbered from left to right, as you are facing the grave stone (i.e. west).
Click on Link to aerial map to see the location of Der Stadt Friedhof Note: Not all graves in Der Stadt Friedhof have been assigned a Plot ID. The information will be updated in the future.