Fredericksburg & Gillespie County Genealogy

Special Projects

These are new ongoing projects which hopefully are helpful to researchers with family in Gillespie County.

Missing Grave Project The Missing Grave Project contains entries that are submitted by researchers who are trying to find a grave location. Initially seeded with deaths that appeared in the Vereins Kirchen Buch that did not appear in the Cemetery Index.
Timeline of Gillespie County Historical Events The Timeline contains historical events related to Fredericksburg and Gillespie County which occurred before 1900.
Statistics The Statistics page contains statistical information about the website's database such as number of child deaths, number of graves with missing date information, the number of early settlers' graves surveyed, etc.
Photo Identification The Photo Identification sections contains photographs with unidentified people from Gillespie County.
Gillespie County 1880 Census Mortality Schedule This project is an attempt to identify all deceased people who died between 1 Jun 1879 and 31 May 1880 in Gillespie County and who are listed on the Census Mortality Schedule. Surnames are not readible, so other information such as age, birth place, sex, race and cause of death are used to identify the deceased persons of the county during this time period.