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Gillespie County Historical Society The Gillespie County Historical Society was formed in 1934 to preserve and share the history of Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. The society maintains the noted Pioneer Museum and Vereins Kirche, which are both located on Main Street. GCHS also has a large collection of historical artifacts.
Pioneer Memorial Library The Pioneer Memorial Library is located in the historic former courthouse across Main Street from the Vereins Kirche in Marktplatz (Market Square). The library has a Genealogy Section and local newspapers on microfilm.
The National Museum of the Pacific War This museum is dedicated to the Pacific Theater of World War II. It includes Admiral Nimitz Museum which is dedicated to Admiral Chester Nimitz, a Fredericksburg native. The Memorial Courtyard includes Memorial Plaques to honor those who served.
The Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools The Friends of Gillespie County Country Schools are former students and members of the community, interested in preserving the traditions of the schools, the community clubs, and the history of Gillespie County for future generations.
Fredericksburg Standard
Radio Post
Fredericksburg weekly newspaper
Schaetter's Funeral Home Schaetter's Funeral Home was established in 1868 and is one of three two funeral homes.
Fredericksburg Funeral Home Fredericksburg Funeral Home was established in 2006 and is one of two local funeral homes.

Genealogy Links

Texas Genealogy Trails - Gillespie County This web site has genealogical information for Gillespie County including excerpts from newspaper obituaries, births, etc.
Braeutigam Family History This web site has genealogical information about the Braeutigam Family and their related families who settled in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County in the mid 1840's.
Gillespie County TXGenWeb The Gillespie County site of the TXGenWeb Project. Other related sites include The USGenWeb Project and Germany GenWeb Project.
FamilySearch FamilySearch has many different collections from around the world, including census, birth and death records. A very useful collection is the Texas Deaths, 1890-1976 Collection which includes images of most of the death certificates from that time period.
Save Texas History! The Save Texas History! program is a highly successful initiative to conserve historic documents and maps in the Texas General Land Office while promoting Texas history.
Texas Historical Commission Texas Historical Commission is the state agency for historic preservation. This site has several interesting topics related to cemeteries including Cemetery Preservation and Cemetery Laws.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet Links to many other genealogical sites.